7 Exercises to control your child’s anger

Anger is a vice that possesses multifarious repercussions. Parents must master the art of taming their child’s anger. When babies are born, they’re right-brain dominant. Our right brain is capable of remarkable feats. However, due to benightedness, we fail to grasp its relevance. Babies can display astonishingly marvellous abilities due to their right brain dominance. If parents are unable to tap its potential, the children might lose their right brain aptitude in our left brain dominant world. Scientific research concludes that babies need to be loved in order to learn. Neglect stresses out a baby and consequently, his right brain shuts down. Harsh discipline triggers the activation of the left brain. Right brain training for kids is infinitely beneficial. Its merits are multiple. It encourages a child’s creativity and transforms him into a gregarious individual. Right brain training for kids includes a wide array of activities. Some of them can be utilized for effectively managing a child’s anger. The vast application of this right brain training for kids can work wonders on your child. You will be capable of controlling his anger and channelizing his energy in a constructive fashion.This training allows the child to substitute his pent up energy with creative means. It offers replacements for his unhealthy and aggressive strategies.Thus, right brain training for kids is absolutely vital for his optimum proliferation.

The following 7 exercises are a few ways to calm down your tiny tot –
1) Develop a feeling vocabulary –
A child resorts to screaming, crying, biting, kicking, throwing objects , hitting, tamper throwing, etc when he’s upset. He does so since he is unable to express his frustrations differently. You can teach your child to exhibit his true emotions by teaching him words such as – angry, furious, seething, upset, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, irritated, enraged- . Learning these words will encourage him to convey his anger. A  parent  could  also  advice  his  fledgling to  remain  optimistic  while  stressed. The child could  chant  positive  mantras to alleviate the  stress.

2) Indulgence in hobbies –
Right brain training for kids stimulates creativity and extra curricular excellence. When your child is angry, you could suggest indulging in one of his hobbies such as drawing, writing, singing or dancing. Eg – He could draw out his anger and rip it to shreds. This will lighten his mood instantly without any physical aggression.

3) Breathing exercises-
You must teach your child to inhale slowly to a count of 5, pause for two-three counts and exhale in a similar manner, every time he is furious. Repeating this sequence will dissipate his anger and will lead to maximum relaxation.

4) Visit  a  calm  spot-
Take  your child  to  an  isolated and  serene  place  where he is able to gain  control of himself. You could offer  soothing objects such as books, pens, crayons, a music player, etc so that he  can regain his tranquillity.

5) Give comfort and affection-

Ensure your tiny  tot  is  aware  that  you sincerely care about his  situation and  feelings. Mere physical presence of  a  loved one  will help  him  calm  down. Listening to his  feelings  and insecurities will allow  him to  be  vulnerable. He  will also  realise  a  sense of acceptance. A parent  should never underestimate  the  significance of  a  warm  hug or  a  kiss  on  the cheek.

6) Set a good example –
Children tend to emulate their parents. Your  techniques to  manage  anger  certainly  affects your child. You must  refrain from lashing out while  angry. If  you model positive  coping  skills, your  child  will mimic  the  same  and  deal  with his anger  constructively.

7) Frame anger rules –
You could let  your children  know  what  type  of  behaviour is  acceptable  and  appropriate when  angry. You could  frame  these  rules  in  your household. (These  rules  would vary  depending on  tolerance  levels). If  your  child  disobeys, he should restitute  by performing certain  household chores, giving up  privileges, lending his  toys to  the victim of  his  anger, etc. If  he  diligently  obeys  these  rules, he  should be  rewarded for  his  conscious efforts.

Thus, a  child’s  anger  can  be  tamed  through these  easily implementable  exercises. Activities included in right brain training for kids would not only soothe an  angry  child but also  hone  his  skills  in  multiple  avenues  of  creativity.

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