Power Of Right Brain Education

Right brain education is an efficacious learning program that assists in the enrichment, enhancement and proliferation of adults and children by boosting both the hemispheres of the brain – the logical left brain and the creative right brain, to work in a harmonious manner and to develop synergy. Utilizing the right side of the brain provides your children with multitudinous benefits and advantages. Under utilization of the right brain could be the most enormous deterrent to your child’s academic and professional prosperity. The right lobe of the brain depends on visual and graphical stimulation which ultimately develops excellent photographic memory abilities, phenomenal visualization skills and astoundingly brilliant creativity.

Let us perceive the virtues and desirability of right brain education through an example:

The Bushmen of Africa are known to be the best trackers in the world. An individual might wonder why this is so. They can track animals on bare rock in the absence of any visible or prominent trail. In left brain dominant societies, trackers would search for physical signs such as broken twigs, impressions on the earth, or other third-dimensional reality evidences. But, the Bushmen “see” the energy residue from the animal. They are seeing with the clairvoyant orbs of the right brain, which notices the non- physical forms left by the animal. This energy residue can notify the tracker about the gender, age and intention of the animal. It is full of information about the animal because it is the animal. A part of its energy has been retained and left behind. A left brain thinker wouldn’t be able to comprehend this concept, much less employ it.

Right brain kids can develop a combination of the following abilities and characteristics following their individual inclinations :

• Photographic memory
• Speed reading capability
• Highly creative and imaginative mind
• Superior intellect
• Phenomenal linguistic skills
• Perfect pitch
• Extraordinary intuitive abilities
• Exceptional sporting skills
• Musical brilliance
• Ability to perform computer like calculations
• Charming personality

The right brain is the channel of imagination and you will discover that it is receptive to creative and simulative exercises. We may have taken birth in this third-dimensional realm of pragmatism, limitation and scarcity but we aren’t confined to this incarceration for life. The decision and choice to break free from these artificial trammels is ours.

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