Why Start Right Brain Education Early?

The best predictors of smart children are smart parents. Humans possess the phenomenal power of accomplishing remarkable feats of imagination, creativity and innovation. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without constant learning and acquisition of knowledge. As your child’s atmosphere continuously becomes increasingly dynamic and complex, you, as a parent, must focus on your fledgling’s enhancement and enrichment which will be attainable through right brain education and brain learning. Our after school program focuses entirely on the attainment of right brain education through multitudinous right brain activities  which will stimulate and promote the process of early childhood development.

Babies are born with 100 billion neurons that pass information between each other via synaptic connections in their brains- smart people have more connections. Studies demonstrate and state that the prime time to develop these synaptic connections is during the early years of an individual’s life. Ergo, parents should begin boosting their child’s cognitive prowess from infancy. They should be exposed to a resplendent environment filled with colors, sounds, smells, movements and touches which ultimately will assist in the development of synaptic connections. Parents play  an  indispensable role  in  their  child’s brain  enrichment, enhancement  and  proliferation.Parents should perform a set of the  following right brain activities and infant-appropriate exercises to kickstart their own baby brain training program for early childhood development –

•  Build your child’s trust by picking him up and holding him affectionately.

• Teach different facial expressions to your baby by cradling him in your arms so that he can look at you.        This exercise will provide a left-right brain stimulation for your baby and thus benefit him in copious              amounts.

• Play peek-a-boo with your toddler to teach him the concept of continuity by showing what goes away can    return, to them.

• Give your fledgling some infant massages to bond with him. This helps to improve your baby’s immune        function, muscle development and production of growth hormones.

• Strengthen your child’s memory by showing your baby a toy and then place it out of his sight. If he looks     for it, give it to him.  Encourage such behaviour with a hug.

• Improve your baby’s motor skills by moving their legs in a cycling motion while talking and smiling               encouragingly to him.

Right brain education and brain learning rely on a series of teaching methods and techniques that allow your children to learn in an entirely new manner by following a different procedure which activate both lobes of the brain including the stimulation of vocal centres of the right hemisphere. Activation of the right hemisphere at an early age allows your child to perceive and absorb the right brain activities in a joyous and understanding manner. Right lobe brain games and exercises which were mentioned above will assist your fledgling in confidence building, development of excellent memory power and amplification and enhancement of self – esteem.

Rapid or accelerated right brain development is reliant on the performance of these entertaining right brain activities repeatedly.  Repetition is vital in the process of your child’s brain learning. Parents should ensure that these right brain activities , exercises and techniques are employed during the early stages of their children’s lives, probably at one or two years. Very young children tend to learn quicker, when compared to older children aged more than six years. Our after school program has perceived the gravity and significance of this age constraint for right brain education and hence, our portal enrols children only between the age group of 0-6 years. Attainment of this miraculous erudition is easier and faster during infancy and the early stages of their lives.

Hence, right brain education will not only assist in your child’s cognitive development but will ensconce him in the lap of prosperity and success.

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