Wonder Why Your Kid Is Silent? Know How Right Brain Activities will Help.

Right-brained dominant learners possess a tendency to defy ‘normal’ learning conventions. They have a different but unique path of learning. In actuality, they adore learning yet despise being taught. These children are exceedingly observant as their brains are naturally pattern-seeking. This behavioural attribute might contribute to your child’s silence. It is a foundational trait of your child’s personality which shouldn’t be worrisome. Conduct of right brain activities will assist in assuaging your child’s transition from a conducive, homey environment to a relatively threatening and provocative social atmosphere.
Right brain activities are a marvellous and amusing median for banjaxing communicative barriers. They will stir empathy in your children and enrich their proliferation. As your child repeatedly performs entertaining right brain activities, his social anxiety will wither and his emotional quotient will be heightened. His transition from an introvert to an extrovert will be implicitly impressive. He will look forward to monotonous activities like a visit to the museum if accompanied by friends. As your child constantly engages in interactive right brain activities, his confidence and self-esteem will soar. He will metamorphose into an amicable individual with a passion for learning. Along with practicing  genial right brain activities , an encouraging environment is quintessential and indispensable. Constant nurturing and support is absolutely vital in your child’s development . A marvellous method of bonding with your child would be assisting him in the right brain activities he performs. This will instil a curiosity to learn.  He should be allowed to grasp concepts with the help of personal experience.
It may seem that your child prefers being solitary but he might be immersed in his thoughts. Being a keen observer, he would rather acquire knowledge about his surroundings rather than adding to it. He would  pick up cues from his observation and then behave accordingly. This also allows him to be astonishingly creative as he doesn’t engage in social activities often. Right brain activities are usually group activities. Through them, his potential will be tapped and his social skills will also flourish. Parents could click pictures with their children and preserve them. Pictorial scrapbooks are a great tool for stimulating the visual centres of the brain associated with good memories. Performing these *right  brain  activities* will stimulate your  child’s  mental, physical  and  emotional  growth  and will  ultimately  transform him  into an  affable tot  who  will be admired  by all.
One mustn’t overlook the fact that a child’s silence might also be due to greater medical disorders such as selective mutism, anxiety and autism. A doctor should be consulted to gain insight regarding this. Other contributing factors include tragic experiences in the child’s past, demoralizing and despiriting critcism from parents, anxiety and lack of self-esteem. One mustn’t neglect the significance of an affectionate and healthy atmosphere on a child’s development.

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