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3 Ways To Develop Your Child’s Photographic Memory

3 Ways To Develop Your Child’s Photographic Memory

The ability to remember all the details from any picture sparks the potential for a photographic memory. Young children have the tendency to sight a picture or a video & keep the detailing in their minds. And when your child can recall the details correctly, it helps develop some of the other core skills too. Like high attention span, memory skills, & educational benefits. 

You can associate the development of photographic memory with right-brain memory training. Certain activities help focus on highlighting the benefits of right-brain dominance. It lays the foundation for creative thinking & audio-eidetic memory. Training your child’s mind includes both photographic memory activities & games. However, we at Tickle Right focus on activities that empower your child for wholesome personality development. This also includes utilizing your child’s photographic memory for skill-building.


What Is Photographic Memory?

Photographic memory can be referred to as the ability to recall information from a picture quickly at any time. It’s more like your child absorbing & retaining all the information for an easy learning style. As it’s said, every child has a photographic memory gathered on the right side of the brain. We just have to stimulate it with the right techniques to trigger the visual stimuli for a response. 

However. there’s a difference between eidetic memory & photographic memory. The eidetic memory refers to recalling a picture or a past scene for a shorter period but with better detailing. Whereas, photographic memory calls for attention for long durations. Although, both types of memory put a spotlight on creating a visual stimulus. This is helpful for retaining both educational & non-educational data for learning.


Benefits Of Photographic Memory For Toddlers

photographic memory training for toddlers & babies

There are several benefits of photographic memory for toddlers. It helps with the act of learning & comprehending information. Apart from this, here are the potential benefits of photographic memory for your little ones:

  • Builds a quick ability to retain information
  • Helps develop long-term memory
  • Promotes early childhood learning
  • Increases your child’s confidence
  • Builds awareness of the surroundings
  • Improves cognitive development skills


How To Develop Photographic Memory In Babies?

Helping your child develop a photographic memory requires sustainable efforts. These efforts must come in the format of right-brain memory training. These efforts are also directed to surpass the catching speed of your child’s mind. On average, a child’s right hemisphere can store information of up to 7 pictures per second. These details are gathered in their subconscious memory. And the main purpose of this is to spark a child’s long-term memory retention. 

Here’s what you can do to develop photographic memory in kids. 


1. Right Brain Training

Right Brain training is about empowering both the hemispheres of a child’s brain. It helps instill creativity, imagination, skills, empathy, & confidence to maximize a child’s potential. Amongst such exciting benefits, one is developing a photographic memory. This sparks the abilities related to visual learning & eidetic memory. The aptness to recall information from the pictures pushes a child to think harder. This practice helps build a high attention span & long-term memory. Apart from that, it also focuses on holistic brain development to align your child’s unique interests.

2. Flashcards

Flashcards are the means to capture & stimulate your child’s mind for quick visual learning. It is an excellent method for detailed learning. It helps your child pick up information quickly & strengthens their memorization. Flashcards are a tool for early childhood learning that helps increase your child’s awareness of the surroundings. These are very easy to make at home. Keep their size at A5 format. The flashcards that can be repeated must have at least 12-15 in each set. In short, it’s a great method to create a visual stimulus for cognitive development.


3. Pictured Books

Pictured books aren’t just normal illustrations. It falls under the category of a means to develop a photographic memory. It brings learning benefits to a child’s developing mind. You can also consider them as a language tool. It is a direct means to improve visual learning. The context of these books helps develop language skills & is fun for kids to read. You can lay the foundation for quick learning & encourage your child’s imagination with this. Quickly turning the pages & giving your child enough time to grasp the information is the real hack. 



photographic memory training for kids & toddlers

  1. What is photographic memory for kids?

Photographic memory for kids is the process of recalling information from a given set of pictures. It helps a child quickly catch up with data & store it in their subconscious mind. It is directly associated with the right brain hemisphere of your child’s brain. You can help your child develop a photographic memory by right brain training, flashcards, pictured books, and others. It is a great method to instill a love for learning & build imagination. 


  1. Can you train a baby to have a photographic memory?

Every child is born with a sense of photographic memory. With the right memory training, you can help your child sustain this superpower. You can help your child sustain the photographic memory by creating a visual stimulus. This helps build long-term memory & lights up a child’s visual imagination.


  1. Why do kids have a photographic memory?

As kids are born with a photographic memory, the early years are the most crucial years of their growth. They begin to develop senses right after their birth & observe their surroundings as well. This leads to cognitive development & visual memory. 



Your kid’s uniqueness & talent matter to us. We believe that every child is a born genius & is full of learning superpowers. These birth gifts must be utilized effectively. Therefore, with Tickle Right’s right brain training program, we extract the undiscovered talent of your little one. This helps build your child’s cognitive skills with other benefits. Like, photographic memory, creative excellence, emotional intelligence, skill-building, & many more.

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