Our Founders

Our experienced founders are the core strength of our organization.

Pranay Dattani, Founder & CEO

Pranay Dattani

Founder & CEO

Ever since I was a young boy, my parents nurtured my curiosity and enthusiasm for the business. It was no surprise to them when I began my entrepreneurial journey at only 15 years of age. Behind Tickle Right’s inception lies my unquenchable thirst to provide alternative education that employs meaningful techniques for active and long-lasting learning. After all, I firmly believe that education should not be knowledge-centric but in fact, ability-based. Therefore, all my educational programmes do not offer a certificate or a ...degree.I believe in offering the little ones a much more promising gift – the boon of critical thinking. This very life skill has helped me succeed in over 6 of my endeavors. It has also helped me influence over 4000 children in the last 6 years. I am of the opinion that when we instill values such as resilience and perseverance from a tender age, children are bound to prosper, no matter what they choose to do.

Dr. Munira Saheb


Going back in time, a science teacher was the one that changed my life. Her constant love and encouragement sculpted me into the individual I am today. It didn’t take me long to realize that, just like my teacher, I wanted to impact young lives. When I became a physical therapist, I was inclined towards neuropediatrics. Being so children-driven, I found immense joy in healing them. A few years later, my husband, Pranay Dattani, pitched the idea of Tickle Right to me. The minute I heard of this adventure, I knew I was all in. ...Tickle Right has proven to be an ideal platform for moulding little children. Today, I’ve been able to leave an indelible impression on over 3000 children through our program. I’m the head of our constantly evolving curriculum. Pranay and I are of the strong conviction that learning is a process that never ends. Therefore, we’re always attending seminars, enrolling ourselves in short courses, and keeping ourselves informed about the advancements in brain science. We believe that instilling a lifelong love of learning is the best gift we can give our tiny tots. And we intend to do this by setting an example. After all, when you teach right, children learn right.