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12 Super Fun Indoor Activities For Kids On A Rainy Day

When life gives you an opportunity to experience the joy of the rainy season with your family, jump on it! It’s not the season to spend time idly. Instead, get ready to know about amazing rainy day games & activities for your kids. It will make their monsoon a productive bliss. As most kids highly enjoy these activities at Tickle Right. We highly recommend them to uplift the mood of your preschoolers & rest of the family. 

These boredom-busting indoor activities will prepare your kids to adopt the necessary skills for life. It will help them explore, get inspired, & enjoy themselves with a mental boost. It is greatly unpredictable how one day it can all be sunny with everyone engaged in their usual life. And soon they take the form of these heavy clouds that will bring your little one closer to you. 


12 Rainy Season Activities For Kids To Enjoy

The following mentioned indoor activities for kids to enjoy on a rainy day are a perfect way to celebrate monsoons. Just like any other parent’s relentless concern, it will help you keep your child busy & away from electronic gadgets. Consider it your anytime list whenever it rains next. 


1. Host A Dance Party 

rainy day activities for kids

What better way to celebrate the rainy season than by putting on some music & dance your heart out with the whole family. There’s no way your little one’s sitting dull if they can’t go outside. You can also invite your kid’s friends to join the dance party if the weather allows. This also improves a child’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It will keep your child fit, and energetic, and improve body coordination. 


2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

rainy day activities for kids

Scavenger hunt for kids is another fun activity to instigate activeness in your child. Prepare a small treasure hunt box & ask your child to decorate it from the inside out. They can also paint it with vibrant colors. Add a few inexpensive items to the box. Such as candies, breaded jewelry, & others. Next, hide that box in your living room & draw clues that will help your child find the box. Make it simple & interesting to bring out all the thrill. 


3. Solve Jigsaw Puzzles 

rainy day activities for kids

Matching the jigsaw puzzle pieces together is a great way to engage your child’s mind. It benefits children in developing fine motor skills, hand-&-eye coordination, & spatial awareness. Get your little different sets of puzzles as a way to introduce different concepts or things via these puzzles. This will keep them busy for a long time. However, they may hesitate in solving the puzzles initially. But your child can handle these 20-25 piece sets. 


4. Listen To Music 

rainy day activities for kids

Music plays an extraordinary role in developing your child’s brainpower. With a beautiful view to witnessing rain showers with heavy winds. Make your child enjoy the weather by exposing them to music. This also lays the grounding for language skills and sensory development. It is a traditional way to make every listener happy! Playing their favorite songs will make their day memorable & accelerate brain development. 


5. Watch A Movie Together 

rainy day activities for kids

Watched a movie recently? Well, take a break & sit with your little munchkin to watch a movie. It’s time to pop some popcorn & play the movie you’ve been planning to watch with your child. This will be a perfect family time for a long time in the comfort of your house. It is a reliable way to generate awareness & inspire children into thinking positively about various characters. It expands their imaginative boundaries to developing cognitive skills. 


6. Create A Acrylic Pour Painting 

rainy day activities for kids

Acrylic pour painting is a great idea to engage children during monsoons. It has the potential to improve their fine & gross motor control, eye-hand coordination, & visual perception.  It’s also the best time to introduce them to the phenomenon of the rainbow. This activity requires pouring the paint (or the 7 colors of the rainbow) into a cup to create a mixture. This free-flow art form is quite popular which then requires slow pouring of paint onto the canvas. 


7. Bake/Cook Together 

rainy day activities for kids

Did you know cooking with kids has a lot to do with their language development? Surprising right? Yes, cooking can help young children improve their language skills, and maths skills, & encourage great family bonding. Whereas, baking with kids promotes spatial perception and planning skills. Letting your child cook/bake will provide them the opportunity to learn something new. Well, you must try baking cupcakes with them today. 


8. Carry Out A Science Experiment 

rainy day activities for kids

If you want your little one to be aware of how is science functional in our daily lives. Get ready to show them some interesting science experiments. A quick google search for “science experiments for kids” will list down several fun & easy ways to surprise your child. These home experiments are a great idea to teach kids about the logical side of the world. Some popular experiments are Vinegar Volcano, Magic Milk, and Rainbow In A Jar. 


9. Play Board Games 

rainy day activities for kids

The best board games will bring a huge smile to your child’s face when you’ll suggest them to play with you. These popular games often take your child on the ride of adventure. They strategically introduce them to different mathematics concept, builds communication, & promotes family time. Some of the most popular games best for the rainy season are – Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Carrom, etc


10. Read/Listen To New Stories 

rainy day activities for kids

Do you often sit & recall your childhood & appreciate all those stories your parents have passed on to you. We’re sure some have stayed with you. It’s very important to help develop the habit of reading in a child’s young years. And what better than a rainy day to sit with your child & read meaningful stories to them. It promotes active listening & social interaction. This will also help develop an emotional quotient and indeed, empathy.


11. Create A Sensory Bin 

rainy day activities for kids

Creating a sensory bin is the simplest activity to try on a rainy day at home. It provides children a chance to actively explore the objects in the bin that engages their senses. It’s quite a calming activity that allows them to play independently. In order to create a sensory bin, get a tub & fill it with dry rice or water and sand. Add on objects such as small toys, water beads, slime, or colored pasta. Their favorite fillers will engage them long enough!


12. Play Hide & Seek

rainy day activities for kids

The last on the list is the best! Play the most old-fashioned classic game of all time – Hide & Seek. It may sound simple but you can get creative with the game directives. You can ask your little one to recite a poem instead of counting. Use the whole house for the game but you must mention some off-limit areas if there are any. Sure, it will help your child develop strength, stamina, coordination, & gross motor skills.




  1. Why do some kids like rainy days? 

Rainy days are often loved by children for the following reasons – 

  • Brings in pleasant weather 
  • Rainbox excites them 
  • Fond of the raindrops 
  • Encourages family time 
  • Play & jump in the rain


  1. Why do some children don’t like rainy days?

The following reasons indicate why some kids don’t like rainy days – 

  • They may encounter boredom during heavy rains
  • It is a reason for them to stay indoors 

However, most kids like & love rainy days & get excited about it. 


  1. How can you enjoy a rainy day with your children at home? 

You can enjoy the following activities with your child on a fine rainy day at home – 

  • Play Board Games
  • Host A Dance Party
  • Bake Or Cook Together
  • Listen To Great Music 
  • Watch A Movie Together




Rainy Day is supposed to be fun for children! Don’t you agree? It doesn’t have to be boring for them. The above-mentioned activities will help you get to this goal. Introduce them to fun & simple activities & spend some quality time with them. You must save this list for the next time it rains! The best energy-busting activities will keep your little one away from the electronic gadgets & inspire them to get excited for the next rainy day.

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