World’s First Right Brain Development Program With Real-Time Interactive Activities.

Our holistic brain development program for children has been carefully curated by experts to enhance a variety of life skills.


Art appreciation

Scientific curiosity

Foreign languages



World Geography

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Tickle Right’s SuperParents

The heart of our programme, our dearest parents, share their incredible experience during their little one’s brain development journey.

Inculcating A Lifelong Love For Learning

The #TickleRightMethod consists of a fun-filled, play-basedlearning approach where our tiny tots enhance skills by engaging in an array of exciting games and hands-on activities.

Teachers Who Make Learning Magical

Exclusivity –
Multiple levels of assessments and evaluations ensure that our trainers are highly qualified and competent.

In-House Training –
All teachers undergo an extensive training procedure so they’re well-versed with the unique #TickleRightMethod.

Quality Checks –
Our teachers are trained by their mentors on a regular basis to guarantee an enriching learning experience for all. Additionally, strict evaluations are conducted each month for optimum performance.

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Programme Highlights

Enhanced Creativity
Photographic Memory
Musical Appreciation
Scientific Curiosity
Heightened Intuitiveness
Spatial Reasoning
High Speed Mass Memorization
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Programme Highlights

As a parent, you must understand that your child needs both lobes of the brain in equal measures. You need to ensure that both hemispheres function in tandem and in a harmonious manner. This would prove to be perpetually beneficial and advantageous for your fledgling. In a left brain world, right brain education will give your little one the required impetus to excel in their field of interest.

Our Global Presence

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What Sets Us Apart

40+ centres across the globe

Play-based approach

20-25 fun filled interactive activities

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Age-appropriate batches of maximum 6 children

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Progressive curriculum