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Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We’ve all grown up learning this ever-popular expression so often used in storybooks. But why only Jack? The truth of the matter is, all work and no play indeed make every child dull. Our human brain has two sides – left and right – and what’s particularly important as a parent is for you to nourish and nurture both sides of your baby’s brain equally. 

Why? Because scientific research proves that up to 6 years of age, a child has immense potential to absorb all that’s fed into its little brain. Here we bring you some simple yet fun activities that can greatly help boost your baby’s brainpower right from birth through 6 years.

How to Increase Brain Power of Child?

It may sound complicated at the onset, but let’s assure you – it’s easy, fun for both your child and you, and extremely helpful in their formative years. Note that paying a little keen attention to working on the right brain of your child can have significant lasting effects on their overall personality in the adult years. 

This is why the activities listed below primarily focus on visual and graphical stimulation so as to encourage your child’s little mind to work on cause-and-effect relationships. It’s very important to inspire tiny tots to determine and narrate experiences from visual memory. It could be in the form of pictures or graphics they see in storybooks and movies/cartoons or live before them in the way of puppet shows or games.

Baby Brain Development Activities to Try Out

Let’s look at some ways on how to develop child brain effectively:

  1. Baby brain games:

    Child and play go hand in hand, so why not tap the immense potential of this entertaining activity to make your child smarter?Pick toys that stimulate your child’s brain to work. Light and sound toys or movement toys that trigger cause and effect would help keep your little one engaged for long.Take immense joy in stacking building blocks and making creative designs and shapes with them to please their parent(s). Puppet shows involving the use of hand are also great at capturing kids’ attention; so are small games like peek-a-boo, hopscotch, or piggy in the middle.

    More important than the game itself is for your child to know and feel that
    you are actively involved in and find equal joy and interest in their little games. Research proves that this triggers faster brain development in children while also lending them emotional security

  2. Talk more to your baby:

    This should ideally start even when they’re just cooing and expressing through sounds. Don’t wait for your baby to begin speaking to make the first move then. The more you talk, the more sounds, facial expressions, gestures, and hand movements you make before your baby in response to their cooing would encourage them to pick up ways of communication faster.Music and books play a significant role too – More than making your child listen to music on the TV, radio, phone, or laptop, try and sing to your baby as much as possible. It could be anything – even the simple nursery rhymes you still remember from your childhood – but it’d help create an inexplicable emotional bond with your child

  3. Just read to your baby

    Read with them. The effort should be directed away from making your baby a passive recipient of information and more on triggering activity in the brain to absorb as well as express information gathered.


Some of these simple child brain development activities can take your child a long way into better adulthood. This is why Tickle Right works on fostering the right brain of your tiny tot. The weekly-once, the after-school program is designed to impart holistic kids brain development from 1.5-6 years of age so that your child turns into a brilliantly creative human being.

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