brain food for kids

Brain Food for Child’s Growth

Brain Food for Child’s Growth

Did you know that a child’s brain is two times more active than an adult’s? No wonder that these little brains always have questions at the tip of their tongue. And some of them are particularly intelligent, must say! To which we adults often fall short of answers. How do they manage to be so knowledgeable at such a tender age, we wonder. 

Well, it’s all thanks to their rapid brain development right from the time of birth through the formative years of their lives. And we as adults have an essential responsibility to partake here as well; to nourish our young ones with nutritious brain development food.

We are what we eat, and this holds for children as well. It’s wrong to assume that it’d be okay to feed your child anything as long as it fills them and keeps them from getting cranky for some time. Now that we know that your child is undergoing active brain development every minute of its life, the most crucial phase of its growth cycle, let’s take a look at the best brain development food for children.  

Best Food for Children’s Growth


Best Food Development for brains

Here are some of the top brain foods, according to scientific research often recommended by pediatricians across the world:

  1. Eggs:

    Topping the list are the good ol’ eggs, known as the best child brain development food for ages. Remember our mothers always insisting on an egg a day in our growing up years (whether we liked it or not)? Well, now the mystery unfolds. Eggs are full of protein and vital nutrients, all of which help improve concentration in kids. You can give them in any form as per your kid’s preference – scrambled eggs, egg salad, egg sandwiches, or the all-time favourite deviled eggs.

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  2. Green Vegetables :

    Greens are never a child’s first choice, but for you, they should be because they’re the best brain development food for kids. They are complete with folate (the best agent for brain development) and vitamins. Kale is one of the best greens laden with antioxidants assisting in new brain cell growth. Kale, along with spinach, is known to reduce the chances of developing dementia in old age. Maybe a challenge to get your child to take them through, but with a bit of innovation, you can gradually get there. If a salad doesn’t work, try whipping up a spinach or kale smoothie, add them to omelettes or lasagna, and make kale chips for snack time.

  3. Fish:

    Another world-renowned healthy food for kids, fish is an excellent source of vitamin D and Omega-3. They protect the brain against the degeneration of mental ability, resulting in loss of memory in later life. Some of the best fish varieties which are rich in Omega 3s include salmon, tuna and sardines. Fish is an excellent choice for your kids, and you can serve it with a dip of their choice. Besides, fish can be put into tacos for a filling and healthy meal. Tuna sandwiches are a particular favourite among kids.
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  4. Nuts:

    They’re full of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds are high mood elevators too and help keep a check on the nervous system. Butter is the best way to serve this essential brain development food to your child. You can also try spreading it on wholegrain crackers or bread as a healthy mid-meal snack. Kids love pesto sauce over pasta at restaurants. Why not try making a more robust and hygienic version at home? Add some nuts of your choice to olive oil and dark leafy green vegetables and pour this tasty sauce over whole-grain pasta of your kid’s choice. 

    5. Apples and Plums

    Children are infamous for demanding sweets and candy at all hours of the day. Since no parent fancies dealing with a sugar rush and the inevitable sugar crash, a healthier alternative to sate your little one’s sugar cravings are apples and plums. These fruits contain quercetin, an antioxidant known to fight decline in mental skills. Since the fruit skin is usually nutrient-dense, it is advisable to eat the fruits without peeling them. Just wash them thoroughly before consumption.

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Do try these yummy and healthy brain development foods for your child and help them get brainier and stay mentally active lifelong. Please share with us more such tasty and nutritious recipes below for kids.

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