Our Program

Tickle Right holistically works on extracting the unadulterated potential of young children. Our aim is to inculcate a lifelong love for learning in our tiny tots with the help of right brain education. Though we cover a massive number of topics in class, our prime focus, when it comes to right brain training, has always been skill-building. Our activities for right brain development have been carefully curated to help our little ones enhance skills like photographic memory, musical appreciation, creative thinking, audio-eidetic memory, and much more. Then, they can employ these skills anytime in the future and make the best of their talent.
Right brain development is rooted in empathy and compassion. Your little one thrives in an environment of love and affection. Therefore, in our right brain development program, we encourage parents to sit with their child, so that they get a keen insight into the functioning of the class. In this manner, they can truly experience the wonders of right brain training by observing their child’s growing passion for learning. After all, a happy parent = a happy baby ❤️, and happy babies are smarter babies. FAQs


We have multiple centres across the country. Find your nearest centre here.

  • Once a week class for 50 minutes
  • Batch size: 6 students
  • 20-25 fun-filled interactive activities


Our right brain education online program has been developed after thorough research towards the online learning formats for children. Our curriculum has been specially modified for the online format of our class with constant updates not only in line with our own research but also studies published across the globe.

Tickle Right is also the World’s First Right Brain Development Program with Real time Interactive Activities for kids to solve on an online portal. Kids from across the globe are currently enrolled with us!

  • Once a week class for 40 minutes
  • Batch size: 5-6 students
  • Live sessions conducted over Zoom
  • 15-20 fun-filled interactive activities