1. What is Tickle Right?

Tickle Right is a right brain development program for children between 16 months to 7 years old. It is a once a week class; 40 minutes – online sessions, 50 minutes – offline sessions.

2. How does Tickle Right work?

At Tickle Right, we truly believe, THAT EVERY CHILD IS A GENIUS! A child’s potential for large scale photographic memory, enhanced language skills, high-speed reading and calculation, creativity, intuition, and imagination is infinite under the age of 7. We holistically focus on stimulating a child’s mind during that period. The stimulations provided are short, fun-filled, fast-paced, and extremely varied in order to increase the exposure of the child thereby increasing a child’s overall brain capacity.

3. Isn’t my child too young for the program?

The programme is ideal for children between the age of 16 months to 7 years. Unfortunately, humans have a very small window to extract the unadulterated potential of the right brain. Until the age of 7 years, the right brain is dominant and can be stimulated.

4. Is my child suitable to attend Tickle Right?

Tickle Right is an all-inclusive program. We encourage parents and children with all different needs to experience our program. We at Tickle Right understand that many of our children may have special needs and we remain cognizant about this and cater to our children as per their needs. Our classes are conducted in small group sizes(5-6 children only per batch) in order to ensure the highest class quality.

5. What is the program schedule like?

We typically conduct a weekly class of around 40/50 minutes consisting of 20 to 25 fun-filled interactive activities.

6. How long does my child need to do the program for?

Right Brain Education programs are typically for age groups between 16 months to 7 years. Once a child enrols with us at 16 months, he/she continues till they turn 7.
Though, the level of effectiveness would be much higher in kids below the age of 7 years as the impact of the the activities conducted in our program reduces as the age increases. Hence, the best time to start the program for your child is at 16 months.

7. Why is the program so fast paced?

As we all know that babies are geniuses, this has a lot to do with the way their brain functions at 0 to 7 years of age. Your child is an absorbent sponge and their brain is designed in a way that it can pick up and process new information at a lightning-fast speed. This is the true power of right-brain stimulation. All they need is the right guidance and our highly qualified teachers just provide that to the children with a wide variety of time stimulations. Memorizing all the information on the cards is not the main purpose here.

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8. How is Tickle Right different from other enrichment programs for children?

Tickle Right is a program which focuses on imparting and developing fundamental skills of learning to the child while simultaneously raising an emotionally secure being. Our program is all about inculcating a love for the process of learning and showing the children that the world is your oyster. We work on fostering skills within the baby that they shall carry with them for a lifetime.

9. How long before I see drastic improvement with my child?

Through our experience with thousands of parents and children who have attended Tickle Right and have been consistently conducting short practice at home, improvements in focus and concentration can be observed as early as 3 to 6 months. Changes commonly observed are drastic improvements in memory, use of better vocabulary and comprehension are observed generally within 6 months. Regular sessions, consistent practice at home, and a highly positive environment are instrumental for rapid brain development. Parents also play an invaluable and crucial role in this process. However, the true benefits of our right brain program are reaped in the long term, as along with elevating the IQ, our program works wonderfully in raising an emotionally secure young adult.