Flashcards for Kids

What are flashcards?

Flashcards for kids are a great tool for you to remember facts quickly at any time. They are great for in-depth learning. The great thing about flash cards is that they can help you figure out what you know and what you don’t know. Additionally, an excellent way to master a subject is to concentrate on what you DON’T know!

Flashcards are something that is adored by parents, caregivers and teachers throughout the world and it’s for good reason. Flashcards are a fantastic tool to help your kids understand and pick up the information very quickly as these flashcards are highly visual and it becomes very easy for a parent or teacher to present the information to the child or explain any concept of their choice.

Apart from that, flashcards have an amazing effect on stimulating your child’s brain. If you were to do multiple, different kinds of activities with the kids, then the brain capacity is going to go skyrocketing.


Flashcards for Kids

How can my child learn effectively using flashcards ?

Flashcards are one of the easiest ways to learn new things. They promote learning through active recalling, which is one of the practices through which you learn most effectively. It teaches your brain to remember a term, concept, or a process with ease.
Flashcards also allow you to repeat the act of learning and memorizing until you’re an expert on the topic.
The age-old concept of “practice makes perfect” is true when it comes to studying through flashcards. And by learning something in this way, stronger neural connections are formed in your brain.
Therefore, using flashcards can be very effective for learning.

When should I introduce flashcards for kids?

You can start using flashcards to stimulate a child’s brain and to impart knowledge from as early as 6 months. And if your baby is 3-4 months old, you can introduce them to Infant Stimulation Flashcards. Once your baby is 13 months old, you can start with numbers, phonics, reading cards, pictures, and much more because nothing is easy or difficult for the baby. Everything is at the same level. It depends on what enthusiasm you are teaching them with.

How to make flashcards for kids at home?

You must have often heard about the benefits a simple right brain activity like Flashcards has to offer. Flashcards are fantastic visual tools in right brain training that can help children understand and absorb new information quickly. High velocity flashcards are an incredibly versatile and effective tool in increasing your child’s brain capacity.

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While using flashcards for kids, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Flashcards must be precise and unambiguous; they must display only one item or subject per card. The picture must be accurate with a clean background.
  2. Your flashcard paper must be at least A5 in size.
  3. You can make flashcards for any subject. Choose flashcards based on your child’s interests. For instance, if they like animals, try flashcards on different species of wildlife.
  4. You can use three sets of cards every day. Try to do each set thrice a day for 15 to 20 seconds. Each set should consist of 12-15 cards.
  5. Exercises for right brain enhancement are to be performed at a very fast pace.
  6. Do not show the same flashcards repeatedly. As the name suggests, you have to show or flash the cards quickly—approximately two cards per second.
  7. The teaching material should be regularly updated as children grasp things very quickly when flashcards are incorporated in the learning process.
  8. A happy environment is necessary for learning. Make sure you and your child are in a positive mood while performing the activities. If your child is sleepy/sick or not in the mood or if you had a stressful day, then don’t forcefully sit together and do the flashcard activity. Learning is most effective when children are happy and enjoy the process of exploring new concepts.

To Summarize

Flashcards for kids are incredibly useful resources for teaching and they also make the learning process easier. Children of all ages can enjoy them, and have much to gain from this visual tool. Do give the humble flashcards a try, and we promise you, your little one will truly amaze you. Happy learning !

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