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The right brain program employs early learning methods which nurture the brain and develop synergy between both sides of the brain leading to a superior and trained whole brain development.


Because – YOU CAN! The advent of science and research has unraveled excellent information in the fields of brain growth. Our programme gives your child an opportunity to excel and lead in their respective fields of interest.


We have a window only till the age of 6 years! Unfortunately, we humans have a very small window to extract that huge unadulterated potential that the right brain holds. Under the age of 6 our right brain is dominant.

The right brain is your creative, intuitive, photographic best friend.
The left brain is your logical, linear and methodical best friend.

Tickle Right education guides the parents to truly believe in the potential and abilities present in their children. When we encourage every small achievement of the child, he/she wants to step up and do more.

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Early Childhood Learning.

A genius is no longer defined as one's capacity to store information and facts, but measured by his capability to create new designs and well thought information. Our company's area of expertise is stimulation of the right brain. The after school programme that we run weekly will help your child unleash his true creativity. Our class combines various activities in a fun way that will help reveal the true genius in your child. We believe in the concept of holistic brain development, hence along with right brain activities, we combine certain left brainers as well.

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pranay dattani
pranay dattani
Founder & CEO
Dr. Munira Saheb
Dr. Munira Saheb

We are proud to launch the Tickle Right Initiative in India.
Make the Right beginning into your childs education.

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