If energetic, fun-loving, and empathetic are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe yourself, maybe you should consider joining Tickle Right. At our after-school, right brain development programme, we value resilience, innovation, and an undying thirst for knowledge above all.

While training our little balls of sunshine, you’ll never find a moment that’s dull. If you wish to constantly learn, grow, and laugh, we can provide the perfect atmosphere!

What’s more?

Growth : We’re firm believers that learning is a process that never ends. While we promote lifelong learning for children and their families, we ensure the same for you. Through our programme, you’ll hone your skills over time and ultimately achieve proficiency. We’ll do this by training and mentoring you for the role you’ll play in our organisation.

Annual Reviews : During this chat, we’ll reflect on previous year’s activities, discuss improvements, and celebrate accomplishments. We’d also appreciate constructive criticism from your end that would help us in the long run.

Pay reviews & Promotions : Your talent deserves to be recognised and rewarded. That is why we advertise positions internally. We believe that the best person deserves to be promoted and appreciated for the difference they’re making.

Free Or Discounted Sessions : At Tickle Right, we want your child to reap the phenomenal benefits of right brain education. Thus, depending on your position, we provide complimentary or discounted sessions to your toddler.

Birthday Perks : During your birthday month, you’re allowed to take an extra day off to relax and relish that chocolate cake!


What’s next?

Follow these easy steps to become a part of our ever-growing family :

1.  Fill out the attached form, upload your CV, and we will contact you in two weeks’ time.

2. We’ll conduct a telephonic interview on a day that is convenient for you. Here, we’ll discuss your career ambitions, skills, job responsibilities, and any additional queries that you might have.

3. Next, you’ll visit one of our centres to interact with our team that you might be working with once you join. This will provide a deeper insight into our daily operations and prepare you to put your best foot forward.

4. We might have a second or third round of interviews for management or senior teaching positions. Here, you’ll be introduced to different members of our team. This meticulous process will guarantee that you and our little ones make an unbeatable pair!

We hope to hear from you soon.