Holistic Brain Development

Importance of socialization at an early age

Children are social actors who are sculpted by their environment. Young children proliferate optimally in warm, responsive environments which shield them from inappropriate derision, disapproval and disdain. They flourish in environments where they can disinter opportunities, explore,play and develop their senses. Social interaction is intrinsically tied with your child’s overall development. Ergo, it is implicitly[…]

Holistic Brain Development

Holistic Brain Development

Comprehending the development of a child is an indispensable obligation of a parent. Early childhood development sets the foundation for everlasting learning, behaviour and health. A child’s primitive experiences shape his brain and his capacity to learn. Holistic brain development is implicitly vital in the process of a child’s proliferation. It builds the mechanisms that[…]

Right brain training

Right Brain Training For Kids

Right brain training is designed to empower both the hemispheres of the brain – the logical left brain and the creative right brain. Both the hemispheres function in tandem to attain whole brain synergy.  Parents are always solicitous about their toddler’s welfare. However, they tend to emulate conventional Indian academic patterns due to benightedness. Indian[…]

Right brain activities

Wonder Why Your Kid Is Silent? Know How Right Brain Activities will Help.

Right-brained dominant learners possess a tendency to defy ‘normal’ learning conventions. They have a different but unique path of learning. In actuality, they adore learning yet despise being taught. These children are exceedingly observant as their brains are naturally pattern-seeking. This behavioural attribute might contribute to your child’s silence. It is a foundational trait of[…]

right brain training

7 Exercises to control your child’s anger

Anger is a vice that possesses multifarious repercussions. Parents must master the art of taming their child’s anger. When babies are born, they’re right-brain dominant. Our right brain is capable of remarkable feats. However, due to benightedness, we fail to grasp its relevance. Babies can display astonishingly marvellous abilities due to their right brain dominance.[…]

Extra curricular activities for kids

Best Curricular Activities For Kids

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”- Ken Robinson In the  era of educational  enrichment, extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years has  colossal magnitude. The age old  saying- All  work  and  no play, makes Jack a dull boy. – contains wisdom. The principal[…]

Right brain education

Why Start Right Brain Education Early?

The best predictors of smart children are smart parents. Humans possess the phenomenal power of accomplishing remarkable feats of imagination, creativity and innovation. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without constant learning and acquisition of knowledge. As your child’s atmosphere continuously becomes increasingly dynamic and complex, you, as a parent, must focus on your fledgling’s enhancement[…]

Right Brain Education

Tips on Effective Parenting

Parenting is the power that parents possess to mould their children into decent and loving individuals. Firmness Instill discipline in your child since an early age. Set strict boundaries. Clearly state the consequences and adhere to them when the inappropriate and undesirable behaviour commences. Parenting is much more than just providing materialistic things for your children.[…]

Brain development program for kids

Early Childhood Care – Then and Now

The vitality of quality early childhood care and education has been acknowledged by psychologists since innumerable years.The importance of the first five years of a fledgling’s life ( also known as the formative years) is indispensable. A brain development program for kids would vehemently alter their development in a lucrative manner. In the last decade,[…]