Best Curricular Activities For Kids

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”- Ken Robinson

In the  era of educational  enrichment, extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years has  colossal magnitude. The age old  saying- All  work  and  no play, makes Jack a dull boy. – contains wisdom. The principal aim of education is all round development. Such development essentially connotes intellectual, moral, physical, sensible  and  social  development. The  grooming and making of a man relies on his education. A  splendid balance of  academics and co-curricular  activities  morphs your  fledgling into  a culturally well developed social  animal.

Extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years presents  an  opportunity to students to develop particular skills  and  exhibit  adroitness  in their non-academic  abilities. They can  flaunt  their  acumen which otherwise would be neglected. Co-curricular activities promote  character building, strengthening of spiritual and moral  tenets, physical  growth and creativity. Extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years serve  multiple  purposes  and  enhance the development of educational, psychological, social, civic, recreational, disciplinary and cultural values.

These activities play a crucial role in moulding individuals into a diligent adults. Such activities improve your child’s overall personality, aid his self confidence, develop specialised skills, promote academic brilliance, provide greater opportunities, foster a  sense of responsibility and carve him  into a phenomenal human being. Extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years include art, music, drama, environmental education and  sports. These activities possess multifarious virtues.

Art  improves  motor  skills, develops problem solving skills, encourages  self  expression and promotes creativity.

Music improves  co-ordination, encourages  concentration, develops  patience, improves self-confidence and relaxes the mind and body.

Drama  enriches  language skills, teaches empathy, develops  a  sense  of  morality , strengthens  long term memory and  enhances public speaking abilities.

Environmental education improves social  awareness  and  reading abilities and encourages sustainable life choices and creativity.

Sports teaches  co-ordination, improves physical and mental health, improves reflexes, builds strength and sheds light on teamwork.

These extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years provide  multitudinous benefits. They complement their  academics  and  facilitate  the  development of  various domains  of  the  mind  and  personality. They enhance  intellectual development, emotional  development, social  development, moral  development and aesthetic development. They  also  encourage  creativity, enthusiasm and  optimism. They  provide  the  avenues  of  socialisation , self-identification  and  self-assessment.

There are innumerable indoor  and  outdoor  co-curricular  activities. The  assortment of  outdoor extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years includes  mass  drill, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, bicycling, gardening, excursions  and  social  services in  the  neighborhood. Indoor  co-curricular  activities  comprise  of  dramatics, music  and  dance, drawing and  painting, decoration, clay  modelling, arts  and  craft , learning a  new  language, etc.

A  refined  amalgamation of  physical  and  mental extra curricular activities for kids under 6 years is  essential. For  a  child’s  optimum proliferation, he  must  be  involved  in  physical _and_ mental  extra  curricular activities. He  could participate in  gymnastics and  swimming to  develop his  physical strength while  he  could be  enrolled  in  a  brain  development program and  language learning sessions  for  his  cognitive enrichment.

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