Benefits of Reading a Bedtime Story

Benefits of Reading a Bedtime Story

Reading bedtime stories has been an age-old tradition between parents and children that provides them very crucial one on one time. Through the passing years and the influx of great technology, these traditions such as reading and spending quality time have been diminishing. However, there is no replacement for a parent’s undivided attention towards the child. No iPad or television show can replicate the warmth and protection that a child feels in their parent’s presence.
So let’s talk about the importance of reading bedtime stories to toddlers and kids.


1. Cultivating the healthy habit of a routine

It is important for children to understand the significance of having a daily routine. As adults we have specific times attached to our activities and pay great attention that the routine is followed to ensure stability, the same stability is required by children so that they feel safe. Reading bedtime stories at a certain time every day contributes to building a healthy routine and shows children the importance of time. Growing up, these routines will surely change and develop as per their age.

2. Sparks dialogue

Reading transports, us to a fictional world of wonder and beauty. Children have the ability to connect with these stories and become curious. When we read to them it jogs their imagination and they become inquisitive. Asking questions is a very healthy habit as it gives way for more knowledge and understanding in the long run. This also gives parents an insight into how their child’s mind works. Children may not know how to answer the question “what are you thinking” but through storytelling and questions, we can try to understand them better.

3. Builds vocabulary

Reading regularly is a great way to build vocabulary, in fact, this is the case for both children and adults! Reading is a great way to learn languages and perfect them from an early age. Stories have a great way to not only teach children new words but also the context in which they are used; emotions, actions, affirmations, grammar – all of these help in building a good foundation for fluent linguistics in their adulthood.

reading bedtime stories

4. Develops emotional intelligence and mental health

In today’s fast-paced life, children find themselves just as affected by it as adults. Rates of anxiety and stress are surprisingly high among children these days, and we must combat this mental health crisis by connecting with each other more and ditching the stigma around it. Stories give children inspirational figures to look up to and they find strength through these characters. Parents should pay attention to the content they read to their children and also how the child reacts to it. Reading also enables children to describe their feelings well by using emotional vocabulary, it is important to be articulate about your thoughts and without the right vocabulary, children can feel misunderstood and alone.

5. Relax and Unwind

After a hard day at work and a challenging or tiring day at school for your child, reading together can really help you unwind and relax your mind. Being in that safe environment with your loved ones is a great way to strengthen bonds and cultivate healthy conversation.

Reading acts as a doorway to sustainable, positive relationships and mental well-being. Let us not replace the human one on one time with technology. We must compartmentalize our lives in a way that we are able to give our children the quality time that they deserve.

reading bedtime stories

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