Right Brain Education

The Concept Behind The Right And Left Brain

Our brain is an intricate organ that consists of two hemispheres : the left and the right. These two halves are connected by a network of neural fibres. Roger W. Sperry, American neuropsychologist, neurobiologist, and Nobel Laureate was the one who proposed the left brain vs. the right brain theory. According to this belief, everyone has one side of their brain that is dominant and determines their personality, thought, and behavior. Ergo, an individual is either left brain dominant or right brain dominant. 

Generally speaking, the left brain tends to control many aspects of language and logic, while the right brain tends to handle spatial information and visual comprehension.

Left Brain Functions

Right Brain Functions

Therefore, an individual who claims to be ‘left-brained’ would be pragmatic, logical, and objective while a ‘right-brained’ person would be more thoughtful, intuitive and subjective.

Even though Sperry’s contributions towards this ‘ brain lateralization’ research won him the Nobel Prize in 1960, recent scientific studies reveal that the left brain, right brain theory is inaccurate. It has been proven that a person uses both hemispheres of their brain and that there does not seem to be a dominant side. Neuroscientists have corroborated that the two sides of the brain collaborate to perform a wide array of tasks and that the two hemispheres communicate through the corpus callosum.

However, a person’s brain activity does differ, depending on the function it is performing. Some of these differences exist in


This is the domain of the right brain , in both humans and also in non-human primates. Emotions are expressed and recognized in others by the right brain.


The left brain is more responsible for speech production than the right. In most people, the two main language areas are found in the left hemisphere.


Left- and right-handed people use the left and right brain for different purposes. For example, a left-handed person uses their right brain for manual tasks and vice versa.

As a parent, you must understand that your child needs both lobes of the brain in equal measures. You need to ensure that both hemispheres function in tandem and in a harmonious manner. This would prove to be perpetually beneficial and advantageous for your fledgling. In a left brain world, right brain education will give your little one the required impetus to excel in their field of interest.

Right brain education consists of programs that employ early learning methods to stimulate and nurture the right hemisphere of the brain. This assists in developing synergy between the left and right brain, leading to enriched, holistic brain development. Humans have a very small window to extract the unadulterated potential of the right brain. Up to the age of 6, our right brain is dominant. The earlier you start right brain education, the more effective it will be. This concept puzzles many parents. How can a tiny tot soak up information massive enough to intimidate adults? However, many are unaware of the Law of Diminishing Learning Ability. The law reveals that an infant’s astounding ability to learn diminishes as he grows older if it isn’t stimulated. This would mean a 2-year-old is capable of learning faster than a 3-year-old! Could you imagine all the wonderful things your toddler could learn before he even begins to write or spell?

The question you should be asking is – Why not?

The advent of science and research has unraveled excellent information in the fields of brain growth. Tickle Right, our after-school programme, gives your children an opportunity to excel and lead in their respective fields of interest. An early start today will equip your child with an upper hand tomorrow.The right brain is a portal to a world of creativity and innovation. If nurtured correctly, your young one’s learning ability will flourish, allowing them to absorb new information at lightning speed ! They will develop phenomenal photographic memory abilities and extraordinary visualisation skills. With right brain education, you’ll be able to raise an intuitive,empathetic,happy,self-assured, confident individual who could attain marvellous feats. You would not only be making learning fun but also strengthening the special bond you share with your little one. Could a parent wish for more?

There are numerous advantages of right brain education. The right lobe of the brain relies on visual and graphical stimulation. This ultimately develops phenomenal photographic memory abilities, excellent visualization skills, and astoundingly brilliant creativity. It’s no wonder that right brained children thrive in pursuits of creativity and imagination such as writing or designing. Additionally, right brain education requires a conducive and loving environment which will enhance your child’s learning ability. This enables them to absorb new information quickly and easily. They would also become accomplished problem solvers. While the left brain focuses on the details, the right brain looks at the big picture. This is known as holistic reasoning. Your child can use this ability to his advantage while making tough decisions in the future. Individuals with right-side brain dominance are also blessed with superior spatial perception. This could give them an upperhand in sports such as running hurdles. On the contrary, left-brained individuals may have less physical co-ordination. Other benefits of right brain education include heightened intuition,speed reading, high speed mass memorization, greater concentration, musical appreciation, and much more.

However, the most rewarding benefit of right brain education is the strengthening of the parent-child bond. At Tickle Right, our empathy-oriented, right brain development programme, parents accompany their tiny tots to class. They participate in interesting activities and have fun together. And the best part? Every session is incomplete without the 3Ls – learning, laughter, and love!