Tips on effective parenting

Tips on Effective Parenting | Brain Development Program

Parenting is the power that parents possess to mold their children into decent and loving individuals.



Instill discipline in your child from an early age. Set strict boundaries. Clearly, state the consequences and adhere to them when inappropriate and undesirable behavior commences. Parenting is much more than just providing materialistic things for your children.


Ensure that you aren’t too harsh on your child. The punishment should correspond with the crime. If the crime is a recurring one, mention the retribution in advance so your toddler knows what to expect. Simultaneously, reward your child for excelling in disciplines of his inclination.


Stick to a friendly but firm communication pattern when creating awareness amongst your fledglings regarding inappropriate behavior. Try laboring at ‘catching them doing good’ and praise them for their spiffing attitude. Quit imposing yourself on your child and create a strong, friendly bond rather than being a boss. Don’t sit on a pedestal and dictate commands to him. Be humble and place yourself below him to interact with him in an efficacious manner.

Nurture them with true affection

People often misconstrue love by catering to every whim of a petulant child. You mustn’t spoil them unnecessarily. Instead, willingly accept the role of the villain for their benefit and welfare.


Encourage their natural spirituality

Create an atmosphere where meddling of media like parents, teachers, televisions, etc is minimized and the child’s growth isn’t facing impediments. Ensure that he’s proliferating and growing into his intelligence rather than into your identity of religion. Your hatchling will become naturally spiritual before learning the word ‘ spirituality‘.


The positive and supportive ambiance

Setting an example of fear and anxiety will result in the dwindling of your child’s joy. They will learn the same without any hesitation. Ergo, establish a joyous, supportive, jubilant and exultant aura and atmosphere.

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