Best curricular activities for kids

6 Most Engaging Extracurricular Activities For Kids

6 Most Engaging Extracurricular Activities For Kids

Are you looking for a means to engage your child in extracurricular activities that will excite your little one? Well, in an age of focused educational upliftment, expanding your child’s horizon beyond the academic curriculum is a must today. This goes much without the saying – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So you wouldn’t want your Jack (or Jill) to turn into a dull kid, do you?

The fundamental role of an educational structure is to impart wholesome training that nurtures your child from an overall perspective. This must not only include academic training but extra-curricular activities too to create an environment of skill-building. We at Tickle Right foster our intention by creating an on-the-mark right brain education plan to fine-tune the methods of learning. 

As per this, an excellent balance between academics & extra-curricular activities is what your child needs at the moment. If your little one is under 6 years, these activities will not only help your child develop holistically, but will also instill confidence in them. Furthermore, a love for learning will strengthen their intellectual potential followed by a coordinated social development.

Read ahead, to get to know more about the most engaging activities that can transform your baby into a strong, empathetic social kid.


What Counts As An Extracurricular Activity? 

An extracurricular activity is a set of different activities set apart from day-to-day academics. You can also refer to it as an act of physical & social growth inculcated with the help of real-time interactive sessions. This is most likely an opportunity to unveil the best interests of a child by perceiving their passion. 

These activities can include art, music, drama, sports, & other activities. They have been distinctly designed keeping in mind the kind of problem it solves or the skills it transmits to make the best of its talent. Moreover, these efforts can take the form of the following adroitness for your child’s progress –

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Character building
  • Physical growth
  • Social developments
  • Creative abilities


Benefits Of Extracurricular Activities For Kids 

It is not only important for your little one to be in a promotive environment but be a part of a space where they can channel their energy & creativity willingly. A great extracurricular activity will also boost your child’s social skills magically. At Tickle Right, we also encourage parents to sit down with their kids during the sessions to develop a healthy parent-child bond. 

extracurricular activities for kids

Amongst other things, have a look at the benefits of extracurricular activities for your loving kid. It’s time to expose your child to such benefits.

  1. Enhances social interaction
  2. Boosts self-confidence
  3. Promotes academic achievements
  4. Nurtures cultural values
  5. Disciplinary approach
  6. Psychological development
  7. Provides learning opportunities
  8. Brings out the unseen talent


When Should Kids Start Extracurriculars?

For a child under the age of 6 years is good to enroll in an extracurricular activity fun session. The interactive sessions in the form of co-curricular activities shall be a means of cognitive enhancement for your little one. We also help your child catch hold of skills like – photogenic memory, creative thinking, musical appreciation, & creative progress. These skills help you find the right fit for your child. 


6 Most Engaging Extracurricular Activities For Kids

It’s always a great sign if your little one is academically sound. However, irrespective of the fact, that when your child learns to draw or dance their heart out, this gives wings to the overall personality development. The below-mentioned extracurricular activities are a brilliant way for your child to engage & score some high grades at the same time.

Today, these alternative activities are a new way to deal with conventional education norms. And to enhance a child’s emotional, social, moral, & aesthetic development, these activities will go hand in hand to create the perfect synergy.

6 Most Engaging Extracurricular Activities For Kids


Art/Painting/Sketching are the skills often associated with a lot of fun & creativity. One of the right brain functions of the brain also includes being a creative genius. Working with colors helps engage a child & improve motor skills, establish problem-solving skills & promote self-expression. Creating art also joins the dots of neural connections by creating a mind map of what to draw or color.



Music is another form of self-expression that your child can communicate either by playing an instrument or choosing to sing. All the more, if it’s a classical genre, it also helps promote cultural understanding. Although, you must take a chance with your child – because maybe your little one can be excellent at doing both. Moreover, music is something that will help your child develop patience, and improve coordination with a laser-light focus on what’s happening around them.



Drama can evolve your child to be a better storyteller. Not only this but it also develops better language & communication skills. Every character played via a drama scene expresses different emotions & presents an opportunity to understand different issues. It also helps develop a perception & promotes empathy at every stage. Given the benefits, it can be an important tool for your child that helps develop tolerance & concentration.



Well, sports include a lot of activities. Owing to the energy it imparts, this can be football, cycling, running, jumping, swimming, or any other sports activity for your child. The habit of playing sports develops patience, physical strength, promotes coordination and promotes exposure to an active lifestyle. Amongst other benefits, teamwork is such a skill that allows kids to make friends & mingle with them.



There are so many dance forms to choose from that help kids express motion, flexibility, & their love for dance. As far as health benefits are concerned, it also encourages neurological development & physical fitness. When kids enroll in dance classes, it also helps them trigger positive emotions. So, introduce your little one to contemporary styles, ballet, hip-hop, and classical dance forms to create an emotional-practical synergy. 


Environmental Education

Amongst other extracurricular activities, environmental education plays the chief role in building social awareness for your little one. It is a means of observational learning pertaining to promoting critical & cognitive thinking. Your little one must be aware of its surroundings with the help of simple activities. The best part about these activities is it promotes sustainable life choices at a very young age followed by a chance to do a good deed.

extra curricular hand painting activity








  1. Which activities are best for kids? 

Following mentioned extracurricular activities aim to promote an all-around development for your child. It’s a part of a framework that constitutes a well-balanced amalgamation of academic & non-academic activities. 

  • Music & Dancing
  • Sports – Running, Jumping, or Climbing
  • Drama 
  • Clay Modelling
  • Flashcards Play
  • Environmental Studies
  • Art & Craft


  1. What can kids do on free days? 

Free days are the best. Aren’t they? However, you can still utilize such days in a meaningful manner. The following activities are particularly designed keeping into consideration the quality time it offers for parents & children to bond. So, conduct the following mentioned activities for a free happy day –

  • Take a walk in the garden
  • Have a picnic lined up
  • Go bird watching in the open
  • Solve puzzles & play games
  • Go on a leaf hunt!
  • Travel with your kid to an aesthetic destination


  1. What are the best indoor activities for kids? 

These are the most common indoor activities for kids for a child under 6 years. These activities help your child engage & enhance critical thinking. 

  • Dramatics
  • Music & Dance
  • Drawing/ Painting
  • Decoration
  • Clay Modeling
  • Arts & Craft
  • Environmental Studies
  • Learning A New Language


  1. How do extracurricular activities help kids? 

Extracurricular activities bestow an opportunity for the all-around development of a child. Luckily, it also solves the problem of a child being distracted at this age. By creating the most splendid balance between academic & extracurricular activities, you can boost your child’s social & academic skills. With this, your child also learns meaningful lessons of teamwork, discipline, problem-solving, & others. In short, these activities will not only help your child improve their creative skills but also develop multitudinous benefits.


  1. What are the outdoor activities for kids?

Following are the most popular outdoor activities that can help your child with their overall growth. 

  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Cycling



Giving due attention to academic activities is a crucial means to reflect upon academic brilliance. However, extracurricular activities help a child fly like a bird & express their emotions as per their interests. At Tickle Right, we introduce right-brain activities to your child intending to bring out the best in them. So, join in the journey of fun, love, & proficiency to seek better opportunities for your little ones.

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