Build confidence in kids

Tips to Build Confidence in Kids

Tips to Build Confidence in Kids

In today’s fast-moving world, we are increasingly seeing the changes in our social, academic and professional lives. Our focus is shifting towards a more holistic personality growth rather than just sticking to books. Raising confident children is paramount for parents today. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence and overall confidence strongly helps individuals secure their dream jobs and climb the social ladder. As parents, it becomes our duty to build confidence in kids, promote high self-esteem and intelligence that fits well in today’s professional and personal landscape. So how do we build confidence in kids? There are many confidence-building activities for kids that parents can practice every day to raise a confident child.

1. Learning from mistakes

Confidence does not come from perfection. Fear of failure will only push the child into their shell. Parents should welcome mistakes and preach lessons that the child can learn from these errors. This will also teach the child problem-solving skills and help them scan situations adequately in the future. Encouragement and motivation are your two best allies that help build confidence in kids.

2. Appreciation goes a long way

Whether wins or losses, parents should never demotivate the child. Appreciation is a tool that builds self-confidence in children and helps them become more sure of themselves. If they fail, then encourage resilience and determination to try again! These skills are important in real life and shape a balanced, motivated adult.

3. Value their opinion

value their opinion

Allow your child to weigh in on day-to-day decisions, whether it is which restaurant to eat at or what kind of cereal to buy. These small decisions show the child that their thoughts and opinions are valued in the house. Feeling relevant and important in the household is an effective way to build confidence in children.

4. Set challenges and goals

build confidence in kids

This is a great activity to build a child’s self-esteem – set goals! Children develop certain aspirations and dreams as they grow up and it is our job as parents to help them achieve these goals when they are realistic. If your child is sporty, then signing them up for a sport of their choice helps them realise their dream. If they like art, you can encourage them by giving them art lessons. Afterwards, ask them what they learnt and help them make small goals every week to be better at this skill. Having a unique skill set to build confidence in kids and sets them up for success.

5. Let them delegate!

It is a Sunday and your child’s room is a mess? Delegate doable tasks to them and ask them to make a plan of how they will do it. For example, folding the clothes, making the bed, cleaning their table. Let this be a weekly or biweekly practise where the child feels in control of these tasks and takes responsibility. Being in charge of something makes the child feel important and builds self-esteem in other avenues of life too. These confidence-building activities are important in day to day life to teach the child valuable and beneficial lessons.

6. Welcome to new experiences:

To raise confident children it is important to give them the opportunities that help them spread their wings. Parents should provide their children with fresh and new experiences that expand the children’s horizons and outlook of the world. A nurturing, stable home is important but new things every now and then are a great addition to build confidence in kids. An experienced mind is conditioned to deal with the world and whatever comes their way. Children who grow up trying new things and dealing with new environments tend to be great leaders and confident adults.

7. Love Goes A Long Way

Parents’ attention and love are the most important tenets of a child’s positive growth. In adverse situations, a child looks to their parents for support and strength. Whether it is a bad grade in school or losing a competition, let the child know you love them regardless of what happens. Security and love are very valuable feelings that build confidence in kids.

8. Be a Role Model

Yes, parenting can be a challenge, and oftentimes we may find ourselves feeling down and out. However, being a parent also means striving in the face of challenges for our children. Let your child see your optimism and confidence in hard situations. Inform them about the hardships but don’t dwell on it. Seeing their parents be optimistic and confident will influence a child’s way of thinking too. To raise a confident child, parents must practise confidence and positivity as well!

With a few smart and effective practises around the house we can build confidence in kids and raise confident children that are thoughtful value leadership and success. We shouldn’t expect perfection from the get-go, allow errors and talk about it openly. Proper communication and patience by parents can go a long way in building confidence in kids.

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