Tips on travelling with children.

5 tips on travelling with kids

There’s a general misconception that travel gets difficult once you have kids. But that’s not true. No matter if it’s your first trip with your first child, or your fifth with your fifth, traveling with your tiny tots will always be daunting. From what to carry to how to get there, it’s rife with potential worries and stress.

Here are some of the best strategies we’ve found to save and survive while traveling with a your little one amid pandemic.

1. Educate your kids in detail before the journey:

Take out a couple of hours prior to your journey to sit with your little ones and educate them on the necessity to take precautions. Especially with the current situation informing them about the basic measures against COVID-19. Make them aware of the harmful effects of the virus. If needed, write down in points the safety measures they need to take during the journey and assist them in remembering the points.

2.Carry a first-aid box:

Include a lot of vitamins and other nutrients in our kids’ diet to improve their immune systems so that they do not catch infections while travelling. But for emergency purposes, you must carry a first-aid box containing cold and flu combating medicines, anti-allergens, sprain-relief gels, band-aids, etc. Last but not the least, carry a thermostat as well to monitor your or your kid’s temperature if required.

First aid box

3. Avoid buying them outside food:

While travelling, make sure to carry snacks and home-cooked food and try not to get carried away by your kids tantrums when they ask for outside food. Especially, keep them away from crowded shops. Also, make sure that you sanitize their hands before they eat. If you are feeding them, don’t forget to apply sanitizer on your hands.

4. Use only clean washrooms:

Make sure that you and your kids use washrooms that are extremely clean. Also, use a spray sanitizer to disinfect surfaces with which you or your little one might come in contact. Clean your kids hands vigorously after they come out of the washrooms. It’s best to avoid using general washrooms at the time of a pandemic.

5. Keep extra masks and gloves in store:

Keep some additional masks for you and your kids inside your bag before starting the journey. If you are on a long vacation, you might not get an opportunity to wash your masks. During those times, the additional masks will come to help. Also, don’t forget to carry additional hand sanitizers. Try to choose for the ones that are alcohol-based, since they are stronger and kill more germs. Apart from that, carry disposable gloves, as it won’t be always nearly possible to stop your children from touching surfaces.

The biggest tip we can give you for traveling with your little one is to try and take those small trips. Everything might not go according to your idea, but your family will love seeing the world, and you’ll be planning your next vacation before you know it. Because vacations are no doubt a lovely break no matter how big or small it is. Kids are always excited about travelling, and it holds immense satisfaction for them in the long run. 

Masks and gloves in store

6. Get ready to game

One of the greatest things about travelling is that the whole family can get involved in ways to enjoy the time together. Card games or travel versions of popular favorites such as chess, scrabble or even Monopoly can keep everyone entertained. For smaller children puzzles or I-Spy can work well. It might even be a chance to play with them and learn a bit about their world.

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