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Effective Parenting Tips for Infants & Toddlers

Effective Parenting Tips for Infants & Toddlers

New parenthood can be a very fulfilling journey that is full of smiles and happiness but also new challenges. Everyone’s parenting style is different and it might take a while to figure out what works most effectively for your infant. We can always reach out to other parents and doctors to discuss parenting tips for toddlers that will make parenting smoother and more effective. Good parenting does not mean being perfect, it means deploying positive parenting techniques for the betterment and welfare of your child. There is no overnight trick towards becoming good parents, it is a gradual process that requires our attention.


Here are a few important parenting tips for infants:


1. Love Wins

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Children respond well to love and care from an early age and this brings them a sense of comfort. Parenting tips for toddlers include showing your love everyday by simple acts like hugs, spending quality time, playing with them and doing activities that help you bond with them. Don’t mistake love for spoiling your children, effective parenting means showing your love without letting your child indulge in bad habits.

2. Importance of Quality Time

Effective parenting tips

Infants and toddlers are very receptive to positive parenting techniques as their brain is still developing. A good parenting tips for toddlers is giving them positive experiences from a young age that shape their personalities growing up. These experiences and activities also serve as good memory exercises for children and expand their scope of thinking.


3. Promote Good Self Esteem
Another parenting tip for toddlers is knowing and recognising the importance of self esteem and how we need to build it from a very early age. Toddlers and infants can sense the environment around them, especially the words we use play a major role in their growth. Be kind, gentle and encouraging! When they do something bad don’t get angry and reprimand them, instead having a conversation and making them understand the consequences is more beneficial.

4. Reward Good Behaviour

Rewarding and vocally encouraging good behaviour is a key parenting tip for toddlers and infants. For children at that age, there is no one more important than their parents so understandably, what the parents think and appreciate is very important to the child. Rewarding and encouraging also lets the child know what he should and should not do with regards to right and wrong. Rewards don’t mean extravagant gifts; treat your toddler with a trip to the park, a game they like to play, an extra 15 minutes of TV time etc.


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5. Express the Importance of Discipline
For everyone in life good discipline is a crucial asset to have. A parenting tip for toddlers that we can impart on you is to always highlight the importance of discipline by practising it yourself as well. Children as spectators observe their parents and do the same things later on, so make sure you are acting as good role models in terms of discipline.

6. Become their Safe Place
A positive parenting technique is letting your child know that they can always come to you about everything. Make communication and understanding your first priority and try to talk to them as much as you can. This not only boosts their confidence to be more vocal about their needs, it also enhances your bond with them.


7. Take Care of Yourself
As a parent one must juggle between work, social and home life. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and fatigued at times, and it is absolutely fine to feel that way. Take some time off for yourself and rejuvenate yourself so you can take on your roles efficiently. Parenting tips for toddlers also includes taking care of yourself so you can be a good parent without burning out.

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