Ways to make your baby feel safe and secure

Ways to make your baby feel safe and secure

For healthy brain development, the amount of love and affection plays a very important role in every other child’s upbringing.

Being confident, having the energy to cope with the stress, ability to focus on all these things of toddlers get affected by the amount of affection and responsiveness parents show towards their little ones.

Here are some ideas which can make our toddler happy and safe around us:-

  • Cuddles
  • Carrying your child
  • Hugs
  • Stroking
  • Holding hands
  • Story-telling sessions
  • Tickling


It releases a natural chemical like oxytocin which makes them feel good and secure and helps their brain grow.

Affection and love build a kind of secure relationship which is known as “Bonding”. That bonding can help them grow in their life like they would start exploring new things, and their curiosity will also increase (the more they ask, the more they should answer) overall it positively develops them.

There are ample amount of ways you can make your child feel secure and safe, here are four ways listed for you-


Be Affectionate

Showing affectionate love to your little ones plays a huge important role in their brain development, and also removes the amount of anxiety that our little ones feel. In general, parents show affection when their children accomplish something or do something well, but this is incorrect; affection shouldn’t be based on conditions., because conditional love always weakens the relationship.

Here are some ways which can make an enormous difference, this makes them feel special, secure and loved-

  • A small gentle kiss on the forehead
  • A walk by holding their cute little fingers or hands
  • Before sleeping a good cuddle and tickling can make them sleep well.


Such acts release a natural chemical called oxytocin that will help them in a good sleep which in turn develops their brain in a positive manner, and builds their creativity level. Remember every day to hug your child for no reason, because getting love from their parents is all they want.

Make you baby feel safe and secure

Listen Attentively

Do you know when communication is effective between two people? When both listen to each other attentively and respond to each other. Similarly, when a toddler speaks, their parents should listen to them actively and respond to whatever they are saying. This will make them feel that their presence matters to them and they are getting the attention which they crave. Your little ones have a lot to say. It’s essential we listen with open ears and pay  attention. Parents can learn so much about their children by observing, and listening to their wonderful ideas. This will make their bond strong and their child will also start feeling that they are in their safe and secure place.


Encourage their Interests

As parents, we must provide opportunities for our children to explore their hobbies and interests. After all, active exploration and experimentation are the greatest teachers of them all.

Parents should drive and encourage them to explore  many types of activities. Children are right brain dominant from a very tender age. This is a critical window to develop skills such as creative thinking.  Whether it’s  swimming, dancing, skating, gymnastics, elocution, or any other type of co-curricular activity, parental support will motivate your child and help them feel safe and secure.


Stick to their routines

Children are creatures of habit who thrive on routine. An established routine helps the child know what to expect. This greatly eliminates the stress and anxiety which comes with their fear of the unknown. It will also make them  feel valued because they are included in the family’s plans and are able to add their own personal inputs. We hope you find these tips helpful and are able to  incorporate them on a daily basis to strengthen your bond with your little ray of sunshine.

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