Engaging, At-Home Activities For Children During Covid-19.

Engaging, At-Home Activities For Kids During Covid-19.

Today, with the entire world at a standstill, one cannot help but look at the silver lining of the situation. Isn’t it astounding that this pandemic has taught not only us but also our little ones the importance of patience, hope, resilience, and awareness? If we add a little bit of creativity to the mix, we can make this time at home even more exciting and memorable for our children. Here is a list of interactive home activities for kids that will undoubtedly make playtime a treat : 

1. 1-2 years 

A. Spider net basket activity 

Spider nest web activity

Use a laundry basket and some clothesline strings to create fun, spider web patterns. Put the child’s favourite toys, and ask him/her to pull out and ‘rescue’ the toys. This is an excellent activity to improve their motor skills and problem-solving skills. Tip- Put in toys that the child has not played with for a while. Also put in toys, which enhance different skills. E.g., A rattle for enticing auditory skills, tactile toys, etc 

B. Make a bird feeder 

Make a bird feeder

Use an empty egg carton and attach some string to it to resemble a bird feeder. Let your child pour seeds inside. To make the activity more fun, let the child mix some peanut butter and seeds with his/her hands to make a soft mixture and then fill it in the egg carton. Place the bird feeder on a nearby tree or window sill, and make the child observe it. This is a simple, nature play activity that will keep the children engaged and excited! 

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2. 2-3.5 years 

A. Spaghetti yarn.

Spaghetti yarn.
Spaghetti yarn.

Take different colors of yarn and cut them into the size of your palm. Please ensure that it is no longer as the children may wrap it around their necks. We recommend supervision. After you’ve made a big batch of colourful yarn spaghetti, it’s time to let the kids explore. They can use it as pretend hair or find the tiny, hidden objects in the big batch of spaghetti yarn. Make them draw a face on a piece of paper. Your child can then adorn it with different yarn hairstyles of his/her choice. Another enjoyable activity is taking balloons, decorating them with spaghetti, and using them during bath time. 

B. Pillow tower

Pillow tower

During these exciting home activities for kids, your tiny tots are bound to burst into a fit of laughter. An added bonus is that this activity is enjoyable for children and adults, likewise. All you have to do is build pillow forts and towers, and pretend to play with the young ones. You can also let them crawl all over the pillows. This is a great exercise to improve balance and joint proprioception. Scatter newspapers on the floor to introduce an auditory element to the activity. All children love the crinkling sound of the papers as they crawl on it. 

3. 3.5 years + 

A. Floating Flowers

floating flowers

This delightful experiment is the perfect way to demonstrate a scientific phenomenon called capillary action to the little geniuses in your home. Due to this action, paper absorbs water very rapidly. When the article gets wet, it swells. The effect is the blooming of the magic flower. What you need to do: Draw a flower on a piece of paper. Let your child colour it using colour pencils. Cut the flower. Fold the petals. Place it petal-side up in a bowl or small tub of water. Enjoy watching the flowers blossom. 

P.S. – Don’t forget to explain the science behind this to your child. 

B. Tie-Dye Tissue Papers

Tie-Dye Tissue Papers

This natural activity will indeed wow your tiny artist. Fold the tissue paper like a paper fan. Tie yarn or some usual string at equal distances. Let your child colour each section with a vibrant hue of his choice using sketch pens. Don’t forget to flip the fan and colour there as well! Spray some water on the tissue paper and let it dry. Once dry, untie the paper fan. Voila, your unique, tie-dye tissue paper is ready. 

C. Sticky Spider Web 

Sticky Spider web

We guarantee that no other activity is better than this for indoor play. It can be done in any available doorway, hallway, or small place. Use thick cello tape to make a dense spider web. While you do this, ask your little one to hunt for scraps of paper around the house. Scrunch them up into small balls. Now all your child needs to do is the aim and throw. Ask them why certain balls stick, and others don’t. This fun challenge is ideal for getting your children excited and moving. 

With these home activities for kids, your tiny tots will inevitably grow, giggle, and give you lots of hugs and kisses! 

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