The right brain vs the left brain

The Right Brain Vs. The Left Brain

The Right Brain Vs. The Left Brain

A lot has been spoken about the Right Brain vs Left Brain. In multiple sections of our educational system, right brain education has been handed no role to play or a negligible part to display. Early brain development relies on the establishment of synergy between the two hemispheres through the assistance of right brain education. Therefore, our after-school program focuses on the importance, significance, and vitality of right-brain development.

What is the left brain?

The left side of the brain always depends on academic drills, repetition of exercises, periodical tests and quizzes, and linear and methodological approaches that eventually help your children to enhance and strengthen their memory. People who identify as left-brain thinkers might believe they possess brilliant math and logic skills. An individual who claims to be ‘left-brained’ is often more pragmatic, logical, analytical, and objective.

What is the right brain?

The stark contrast between the two hemispheres of the brain is simply astonishing. The right hemisphere of the brain relies on developing excellent photographic abilities, extraordinary visualization skills, and phenomenal creativity. Additionally, right-brain thinkers profess to be savants in the creative arts. A ‘right-brained’ person is also said to be more thoughtful, intuitive, and subjective. According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is the best at expressive and creative tasks. Ergo, we require a set of right-brain activities, methods, and techniques that amplify the prowess of the right lobe of our brain for child development.

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The left-brain vs the right brain: Which one is better?

According to the left brain vs. right brain belief, everyone has one side of their brain that is dominant and determines their personality, thoughts, and behavior. Contributions towards this ‘brain lateralization’ research won Roger W. Sperry the Nobel Prize in 1960. However, recent scientific evidence has concluded that this theory is incorrect.

A study conducted in 2013 looked at 3-D pictures of over 1000 people’s brains. Their left and right brain activities were monitored using an MRI scanner. The research outcome revealed that an individual uses both hemispheres of the brain in equal measures. Thus, there does not seem to be a dominant side.

However, a person’s brain activity does differ, depending on the task being performed. For example, The language centers in the brain are believed to be primarily located in the left hemisphere, while the right hemisphere specializes in emotion and nonverbal communication. So, when you talk to a friend, the left hemisphere processes the linguistic aspect while the right hemisphere helps you discern the context, tone, and other emotional cues.

Simply put, hemispheric dominance varies from person to person as well as with different activities.


Our after-school program concentrates on the development of the right brain as this training would allow your child to analyze and think in a radical manner that tends to be varietal and divergent. A majority of children who excel in right brain abilities are supremely creative and tend to act on their power of intuition to achieve results. Early childhood development can be attained by striking a balance between right-brain education and left brain education. The former can be acquired through multiple, amusing right-brain activities, methods, and techniques while the latter is usually included in educational curricula.

No theory states that the right brain is always better than the left. You might just want to enable your fledgling to be competent through the attainment of right brain education. Your child needs both the lobes of the brain in equal measures. You still need to ensure that both hemispheres function in tandem and in a harmonious manner that is mutually and perpetually advantageous and beneficial, and for this right brain, education is predominantly noteworthy and significant.

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