how to improve concentration in kids

10 Tips On How To Improve Concentration & Focus In Kids

10 Tips On How To Improve Concentration & Focus In Kids

Is concentrating on one thing has become a challenge for your little one too? Because like grown-ups, even children face problems related to focusing or high attention span which is likely very common these days. It is even harder for children with a reduced attention span. But surprisingly, everyone has encountered this at some point in time. And this is not something to worry about, instead, efforts must be put into enhancing the cognitive abilities of your child’s mind. 

Concentration in kids refers to the mental effort directed towards a child’s activities. There may be several factors responsible for a low concentration level. And that may include lack of interest, poor nutrition & daydreaming predominantly among other such factors. While it may surely seem impossible to get your child’s homework done or make them learn something new, that’s only because they are distracted & energetic at once in this stage.

It would be too much to expect laser beam-like focus from a child at this age. Really! But what’s reasonable is to make your little one practice concentration exercises & methods. The purpose of these exercises is to prosper a high attention span for a futuristic point of view. And we at Tickle Right, direct your child toward a healthy learning lifestyle & minimize the scope of distraction by making things interesting enough for your child.


Why Is Concentration Important In Learning?

The power of concentration has so much to offer to your child. This helps develop coordination & promotes a disciplinary approach for your child’s welfare. However, attention span varies from child to child & one needs to apply different methods to tackle this problem. That means it’s important to recognize the root cause first & go into depth lately. The following are the most common signs of poor concentration in children today –

  • Daydreaming
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Poor Motor Skills
  • Lack Of Interest
  • Restlessness
  • Distorted Sleep Patterns

The ability to concentrate enables a better understanding of the surrounding environment & beyond. It’s suggested that children with high & medium attention spans perform well than those with poor concentration hold. Not only does it help your child academically but does a job as a memory booster to comprehend things better. In short, your child can achieve better results with an ability to stay focused. And that’s only because there’s a lesser chance for your child to miss out on important information this way.


10 Proven Tips To Improve Concentration & Focus In Kids

how to improve concentration in kids

Lack of concentration makes it harder to focus in the right direction & may even turn into a long-term challenge for your child. It can also make learning difficult for your toddler. However, you must not worry because there are ways to deal with this correctly. Several psychological & health factors trouble a child’s will to concentrate & improve their focus level. These includes:

  • ADHD (Attention-deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Developmental Lag
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain Injuries
  • Concussion

It’s always a good idea to come up with solutions instead of only focusing on the problems duly. At the same time, solutions are of no use unless & until you discover the root cause of the problem & come up with the right strategies to tackle the issue. Consequently, here are the proven tips to improve your child’s concentration level skillfully.

  1. Segregate Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones


how to improve concentration in kids

Your child is at a crucial developmental stage that also demands the completion of several academic & non-academic tasks. These tasks may seem like a lot for a child who has concentration difficulties. And your child may avoid coming around big tasks because it also requires better focus & discipline.

However, when you divide a big task into smaller manageable bits, it automatically becomes easy for your toddler to operate better. Effective segregation of the tasks makes focusing easier & renders a sense of satisfaction after its completion. This also motivates your child to do even better & simultaneously builds their attention span as well. For instance, you can ask your child to read a few paragraphs instead of the whole chapter. Your child will be keener to read it.


  1. Reduce Distractions Around


how to improve concentration in kids

It’s quite normal for your child to be energetic, bubbly & curious at this stage. And as parents, it’s your responsibility to reduce distractions around them for more focused learning. Therefore, some common means of distraction can be TV, electronic gadgets, loud music, & others around your child. 

Most children tend to perform better in a distraction-free environment because it allows them to think better without any hustle. The ambiance around your little one must be soothing. You can also play some light music to cheer them up. Secondly, make sure to limit your child’s screen time to only studying. In addition to this, familiarize your child with the perks & aura of the natural environment. Take them out on walks. These steps help a child develop a refreshed mind in no time & thereby improving their focus skills.


  1. Focus Games & Exercises 


how to improve concentration in kids

What excites your little one the most? Think… So, it’s time that you increase your child’s attention span by the means of what they love to do most. Games! Introduce your child to puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, card games, number hunt, & activities like coloring & storytelling to boost their concentration level & critical skills

Amongst other techniques, sequencing is a proven way that can help build up an improved focus. Activities like putting things in order, setting the dining table, and alphabetical or numerical order improve bilateral coordination. And some other movements that can challenge your child’s mind are asking your child to sit still for a while without fidgeting. Get them rolling with some interesting tongue twisters. You can even consider these tasks as a good workout regime via repeated play.


  1. Physical Activity


how to improve concentration in kids

Children are full of regular bursts of energy at any time of the day. This makes it even more crucial to channel their excess energy into bits of productive activities. Although, planning your child’s activities & games in advance shall help you schedule things better for your little one.

Outdoor activities like sports have several advantages when it comes to improving your child’s concentration level. It also helps reduce boredom & keep your baby physically active. Amongst other benefits, sports activities also help develop coordination & social skills to get along with other kids around. You can also take your little one on walks or play with them in the park. This will connect your child with the outside world.


  1. Rich Diet


how to improve concentration in kids

Diet plays a great role in building your child’s concentration & focus skills. It’s essential to feed your child greens & avoid junk food or food that is rich in sugar. These food items are directly associated with a poor concentration level. That’s because this creates restlessness & makes a child lethargic. 

Whereas, items that are rich in protein like almonds, eggs, green vegetables, blueberries, lean meat, and fatty fish act as antitoxins for your child’s brain. All these food items have the potential to sharpen your child’s mind & increase their concentration levels duly. It helps keep up with their energy. Rest assured, all you got to do is channel this energy into the completion of productive tasks.


  1. Breaks Between Tasks


how to improve concentration in kids

Everyone needs a break, don’t you? When you engage your child in an activity, give them enough time to complete it. The time limit shouldn’t be too long or too short, it should be just enough to complete the task. Inform your child right before the completion that there is another task coming their way. 

Give your child some time to react & don’t compel your little one to get on to it right away. Instead, suggest a few minutes break before the next activity in case of any retaliation. Because when children are well-rested, they’re keen and energetic again. However, on the other hand, if your child is engaged & is enjoying the task, there might be no need for an interval altogether. Your little one will directly hop onto the activity willingly.


  1. Repeat The Activity


how to improve concentration in kids

Giving your child daily tasks gets a baby into a habit of daily activities. Increasing a child’s concentration level is a worrisome concern for most parents. However, what they miss out on is the right means to tackle it. When you help your child conduct a similar activity every day at the same time, it forms a daily routine for him/her. You must encourage your child to sit with you at the same time every day, & over time, this will turn into a subconscious habit.

Since the activity is repeated several times, it will also generate efficiency & excellence in a particular field. Moreover, it also instills confidence in your child. So, if you can execute this plan correctly, the persistence will result in a high attention span & a willingness to study.


  1. Practice Meditation 


how to improve concentration in kids

Meditation offers numerous benefits for a child to stay calmed & focused. But in this case, you don’t have to make your child chant mantras. Instead, it’s time to divert their focus towards positivity, mindfulness, & breathing exercises. When an adult can fully concentrate for up to 42 minutes, a child’s attention span is surely less. Say about 15-20 minutes. 

You must not pressurize your child to stay focused, otherwise, this can make them feel anxious or even they may start crying at the moment. The purpose is to boost their confidence not suppress it. Ask your child to close their eyes & image they’re in a classroom or visualize what they love the most. You can put forward related questions like What are you studying? What are you playing? & others. This helps a child diversify their visual potential & stay focused.


  1. Practical Learning Patterns


how to improve concentration in kids

Every child has a way of learning. Some are visual learners & some might be auditory learners. It depends on what makes a child concentrate better. For some, listening to music helps them connect fast & for others, their visual proficiencies help them retain things for long periods.

Other than this, children who are kinaesthetic process information easily when they touch or feel objects. You can directly associate this with an approach directed towards practical application. So, 

Visual Learners – Make your child see things with flashcards or ask them to draw more.

Auditory Learners – Play light music & get access to audiobooks. Make your child read things aloud.

Kinaesthetic Learners – Make your child touch the subject for better understanding & concentration


  1. Fixed Sleeping Schedule


how to improve concentration in kids

The sleeping schedule is another factor that determines your child’s willingness to concentrate & focus rightly. Sleep deprivation can result in a shorter attention span & lowers the ability to concentrate on multiple tasks at the same time. So, it’s likely for your child to concentrate better after a good night’s sound sleep.

In fact, as per research, insufficient sleep can lead to a slower thought process followed by poor alertness as well. A 9-12 hour sleep is a must for your kid to brush up on their concentration skills. Another crucial aspect is encouraging half an hour naps between the day. This boosts up a child’s brainpower to concentrate better.




  1. What causes a lack of concentration in kids?

It’s not easy to sit down with your child & make them complete tasks that demand focus & attention. In general, children are usually energetic & curious & it may become difficult to grab their attention for longer periods. Your child may encounter concentration-related problems because of the following reasons –

  • Distractions – TV, electronic gadgets (high screen time)
  • Poor Diet – Lack of nutrition
  • Distorted Sleep Patterns – 8-12 hours (as per child’s age)
  • Lack of interest & motivation
  • No physical activity


  1. How can you help your child focus naturally?

As parents, you can help your child focus better with the following proven techniques. These methods significantly assist in improving your child’s attention span naturally. Besides, this only requires you to make a few minor changes in your child’s daily behavioral routine –

  • Take up only one thing at a time to avoid divided attention
  • Segregate big tasks into smaller activities for better comprehension
  • Be open to giving small breaks in between activities & tasks
  • Sit down with your kid more often to practice the tasks that are challenging for them
  • Limit the screen time & encourage playing indoor & our=tdoor games


  1. How to help a child with focus issues?

A child with focus issues or ADHD (Attention-deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) would not be able to devote full attention to studying or any other activity for a longer period. Therefore, it’s crucial to tackle this with the right methods without causing any further issues 

  • Physical Activities To Reduce Boredom
  • Introduce Interesting Games To Grab Your Child’s Attention
  • Add Rich Proteins To Your Child’s Diet 
  • Set Schedules From The Beginning
  • Applaud Your Child’s Efforts



It’s not easy for children to focus & concentrate at this age when are so full of energy & curiosity. If you want your little one to focus better, we recommend you to follow the above-mentioned proven tips. It’s normal for young children to get overwhelmed at times with a lot of activities to complete. So as parents, it’s your responsibility to create a balanced environment that allows your child to grow at their own pace & help them get through their concentration difficulties.

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