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List Of 15 Fun Indoor Games For Kids To Play At Home

List Of 15 Fun Indoor Games For Kids To Play At Home

Better stay indoors & make the best of the time in poor weather conditions. Don’t let a rainy day take away all your fun by itself. Staying indoors can naturally make a kid restless at times. The clock ticks slower for them than usual. But the best indoor games will engage them duly & keep them entertained. It is meant to instill important cognitive skills & promote physical strengthening via play-based learning. 

Participating in these indoor games can be a complete stress-buster & is handy too. There is always going to be a great amount of laughter & happiness while engaging in a circle or with family playing them. But it is quite obvious that it vitalizes a child’s brain & enables it to work faster & smarter. So, if you as parents are constantly concerned about your child spending a lot of time on electronic gadgets, here’s a listed solution by Tickle Right for your immediate needs. 


Best Indoor Games For Kids To Play At Home 

The following indoor games for your kids will act as a boredom buster & engage them for long durations. These games are not simply a means to provide amusement but also offer great benefits to a child’s overall development. 


1. Hide-&-Seek 

list of indoor games for kids

Hide-&-seek is an age-old classic game that even you must be fond of in your childhood. This tops the list with flying colors as this is the best indoor game to encourage physical development. Children love this game greatly but it’s important that you specify some of the areas that they must not go & hide ensuring their safety. Next, choose a seeker and ask them to count until the others hide & caught them thereafter. Let alone, the game is an excellent form of exercise & encourages group fun. 


2. Scavenger Hunt 

Next on the list is the scavenger hunt. It is a very popular game amongst children that whirls and excites them way too much. All you have to do is create an interesting list of objects you want your children to look for in the house. Use different methods & clues to create the list like numbers, pictures, & alter the complexity as per their age. Give them the list & ask them to look for the objects within a time period. The team that gets the maximum objects, wins! 


3. Hopscotch 

list of indoor games for kids

Hopscotch is a traditional game that goes by different names. The game improves a child’s balancing skills & motor skills. All you need to do is create the hopscotch grid with a piece of chalk. Get a flat stone & ask a child to toss it on square 1. Next, they have to jump over square 1 and complete the full grid. While returning, they have to pick up the chalk piece & finish their turn. On their next turn, they repeat the same pattern with square 2. 


4. Dance Party

list of indoor games for kids

Help your child put on their dance shoe & host a dance party. Invite all your child’s friends & speed up the fun at home. As there are several health benefits of dance in a child’s development. Their love for the dance acts as a great form of exercise that improves coordination & muscle strength. All you have to do is play their favorite music in a space to dance. Next, they’ll be leaving you in awe with their fun dance moves!


5. Pitching Pennies 

list of indoor games for kids

Pitching pennies is the oldest of all coin games! A highly popular game that is best to build your child’s hand-eye coordination. In this game, you place a plastic cup on a chair/table at a fair distance from the children. Give them 5 coins each & ask them to stand at a considerable distance as per their age. Now, they have to toss the coin aiming at the cup one-by-one as their turn comes up. The child that gets the maximum coins in the cup wins. 


6. Tic-Tac-Toe 

list of indoor games for kids

Teaching kids how to play tic-tac-toe with their best friend promotes numerous benefits to them. It is well known to instill strategy skills, logical thinking, & most important social skills. Instead of playing simple tic-tac-toe, you can also make the game interesting by getting objects to play with instead of ‘X’ & ‘O’. If playing on a board, get magnetic objects. Else, you can also draw the grid squares on the floor with tape & get them shapes of two kinds to fill. 


7. Obstacle Course

list of indoor games for kids

The obstacle course has also successfully made to this list of extremely fun games. This game is a fun option for children in a child-proofed game setup. You can include obstacles like chairs, blankets, hula hoops, and tapes, to make the game more fascinating. The setup can be put together as per your area. You can place the obstacles in a brainy way that crosses each other. Make your own rules & give them points after completing each obstacle. 


8. Body Tracing 

list of indoor games for kids

A fun body tracing game for kids is what they need to explore different shapes & diverse their imagination. The true benefits of the game are intangible but it acts as a form of therapy. Though the art can get messy it promotes motor development in children along with body awareness. You can help play this game by bringing off different ideas. Let them lie down on a long enough butcher paper that fits them. Trace their body & ask them to paint or decorate them. 


9. Building A Fort

list of indoor games for kids

What better way to engage your child & be creative at the same time than building a fort with objects. It is a terrific way to support growth through play-based learning. Collect pillows, chairs, cardboard boxes, blankets, & any other stuff. It’s very simple to make a cardboard fort, where you need multiple of them sticking together. Get a stick to balance it from the middle & wrap it over with a blanket. You can also go with covering the table with a blanket. 


10. Indoor Bowling 

list of indoor games for kids

You can absolutely get your child to enjoy physical fitness games like bowling without going out. Unable or unwilling to shop for toys, parents are becoming increasingly creative in turning home supplies into games. All you have to do is fetch a tape to make the bowling lane. Next, spray paint the cans after peeling their wrappers. Once they dry, organize them at a distance like a bowling alley. As you’re now ready to get your child to strike it with a ball, cheer them! 


11. Puzzles 

list of indoor games for kids

As it’s said, the simplicity of a puzzle is in its complexity itself. Allow your child to brainstorm & get the puzzle pieces to fall in the right order. This presents an excellent opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills & cognitive skills. Amongst other benefits, it also helps build self-esteem & promotes a high attention span. The best types of puzzles are jigsaw puzzles, shape puzzles, 3D puzzles, frame puzzles, & others


12. Card Games 

list of indoor games for kids

Help your child shuffle & unfold the cards one by one to play a fascinating card game! You can create thousands of variations of a fun card game with your little one. However, the main objective of such games is to promote dexterity, impulse control, decision making, & so much more. Games like memory, go fish, snap, & crazy nights are the right games to look forward to. Your little one is going to love them. 


13. Sensory Bin

indoor activities for kids

Children explore and perceive the world through their senses – taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch. Providing opportunities for them to use their senses via sensory activities helps promote brain development.  So, bring the outside in with a sensory bin of pine cones, kinetic sand, pebbles, stones, seeds, shells, and plants. Create themed tubs using any available materials such as cooked and uncooked pasta, spaghetti, marshmallows, beans, and pulses. Blindfold your child and have them use their senses to describe and guess the objects.


14. Reading Books

Kids who read often are exposed to social & educational benefits on an everyday basis. It brings them into contact with a wider vocabulary & lays the grounding for language & listening skills. However, reading books with pictures also has the potential to make learning fun for them & make them bookworms. However, if you sit & read with your child regularly & share meaningful stories with them. This habit will help you bond better with your tiny tot. 


15. Pictionary

list of indoor games for kids

Playing multiple rounds of Pictionary is a great way to promote healthy communication skills, imagination, & teamwork skills among children. A highly interesting game for all ages to guess the words correctly. To play, write a few words on different pieces of paper & place them in a bowl. Ask one of the children in the group to pick up one of the pieces and draw that on the board. They are not allowed to say what it is & others can guess the right answer. 




  1. What are indoor games? 

Indoor Games are an organized form of play enjoyed by children at home in a closed environment. It is often cheered by sitting or standing at one position or moving around the house altogether. These games are very less likely to get affected by weather conditions. Some of the examples are – Board Games, Card Games, etc.


  1. Why are indoor games important for kids? 

The following reasons manifest the importance of inf=door games for kids –

  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Encourages Motor Development 
  • Refines Social & Language Skills 
  • Builds Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Safe Environment For Learning


  1. What are the top 10 indoor activities for kids?

Here’s the list of Top 10 indoor activities for kids best suited for overall development – 

  • Hide-&-Seek
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Pitching Pennies
  • Pictionary
  • Card Games
  • Board Games
  • Puzzles
  • Indoor Bowling
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Balancing Beam




Without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits of introducing different indoor activities to your kids is compelling them to indulge in new pursuits. If children staying at home results a prolonged screen time is your current nemesis too, you’re not alone. Studies show both learning and social skills are bearing the brunt as kids spend an increasing amount of time in front of screens and devices. The above-mentioned indoor activities are enough to keep them occupied!

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