Why start right brain education early

Right Brain Education: Importance And Why Start Early?

Right Brain Education: Importance And Why Start Early?

What do you think is the ultimate goal of right-brain education? It’s activating a child’s intrinsic desire to learn & explore. Right brain education implies nurturing both brain hemispheres for a child’s holistic development. It extends to forgoing the conventional methods of teaching & redefining new ways. It directly helps broaden the scope of knowledge & skills a child adapts to in the course of development. 

We at Tickle Right promote education methods that adhere to developing an effective synergy. The coordination advances both the lobes of the brain equally. Their objective is to sow the seeds for skill development from the beginning itself. These great life skills consist of social skills, language skills, high attention span, photographic memory, & critical thinking skills primarily. 


What Is Right Brain Education?

right brain education

Right Brain Education is a brain development program for children in the age group of 1.5 to 7 years. It is specially designed for early childhood learning. This method governs a series of specific teaching techniques that allow children to learn in an entirely new manner. It is further followed by a different procedure that nurtures both lobes of the brain including the stimulation of vocal & visual centers.

The promptness of the right brain hemisphere is associated with perceiving the information in a joyous manner. This demands the execution of brain development activities, extracurricular activities, & mind games for kids. It pledges in building confidence that boosts brain power to make the best of their talent. It also promotes dynamic development that reflects imagination, creativity, & innovation. 

The stimulation of the left brain hemisphere is related to laying the foundation of logical & analytical thinking. You can relate it with exercising left-brain activities to support low-speed data processing. The main objective is to help provide the exposure necessary for the development of synaptic connections.


Importance Of Right Brain Education 

The learning curve of children seeking right brain education is different than that of others. Since parents play an imperative role in a child’s life & their brain enrichment. They must focus on ensuring that their little one is employing right-brain activities & exercises during the early stage of learning. As it is a method of fledging confidence, excellent memory power, & extraordinary self-esteem amongst other benefits. Read ahead to know its importance.

right brain education

1. Promotes Cognitive Development

Right-brain education lays the foundation for effective cognitive development from the initial level. It sets off a child’s learning journey by focusing on improving the synaptic connections. It is a way to nurture both brain hemispheres while exposing them to constant information. As a result, which takes the form of an ability to perceive & respond to things rightly. This helps them perform excellently in both the educational & non-educational subject matters.


2. Enhances Creativity & Innovation 

The best practices of right-brain education make your child think out-of-the-box by fostering creative thinking in them. It encourages children to be innovative & powers them to self-express. Since creativity supports mental growth by a means of problem-solving. It also nurtures a child’s emotional & social well-being via the freedom of expression & understanding of different expressions. It impacts many aspects of a child’s life including developing tolerance & empathy. 


3. Builds Photographic Memory 

Photographic memory in kids is their ability to quickly recall information from a picture they sights. Right-brain education lays the foundation for creative thinking & audio-eidetic memory. Since a child’s photographic memory is gathered on the right side of the brain. Activities that focus on strengthening this memory skill trigger their visual stimulus for a response. It helps your child grasp information quickly & establishes long-term memory for it. One such technique to do is – Flashcards Learning


4. Boosts Speech & Language Skills

A child’s language development is a comprehensive process. It begins even before birth & takes a quick gear during the first 5 years of a child’s life. A high-quality interaction via the sessions of the right-brain education program taps into a child’s undiscovered language skills. You can encourage such linguistic behavior by initiating quick conversations, interacting in your home language, & reading with your child. Be your child’s role models as they will copy your words & actions!


5. Powers Social & Emotional Skills

Another reason why right brain education must be an indispensable part of your child’s brain learning is – a child’s social & emotional development. As they go through & are exposed to different emotions almost every day. It extends to their instant mood swings, temper flare-ups, & fussiness. Helping your child manage these reactions to establish a healthy reaction is what this program does. Training emotion regulation from methods like experiences, relationships, & storytelling gives a sense of both right & wrong. 


6. Backs Holistic Development

Right brain education advances holistic brain development that prepares a child to encounter any day-to-day requirements & challenges. The main objective is to expand their full potential to lay the grounding for social adaptability and emotional intelligence. There are various components of this development powered by unique teaching techniques. Such as physical strengthening, cognitive enhancement, social enlightenment, & linguistic competence.


Why Start Right Brain Education Early? 

right brain education

A child requires an increasingly dynamic environment to achieve great feats of creativity, imagination, & innovation. Their future endeavors & overall personality depend on your smart decisions made today. Their foreseen achievements similar to this requires constant exposure to information creatively. However, a program as interesting as right brain development & brain learning focuses entirely on activities that stimulate & power effective childhood development. 

Kids are naturally born with 100 billion neural connections that exchange information via a synaptic connection. As their brain develops from right to left, this becomes the prime time to start early learning as per studies. Your child’s right brain is dominant during the first three years of their development. This brings them to an unconscious & subconscious state for skill building & abstract thinking. This further helps lay the foundation for personality, nature, positive thinking, & talent.

Their constant growth over the years of development shifts their mind dominance from right to left brain. The logical & linguistic approaches begin to take over during the period. With time, this process leads to limiting a child’s learning abilities. Therefore, the ideal approach is to begin right brain education as early as possible for reaping tremendous benefits.


How Can Parents Help Their Child? 

right brain education

As parents, you must understand how important it is to give wings to your child’s cognitive aptitude. From an early age, they must be exposed to a resplendent environment full of colors, sounds, smells, & movements. This supports the development of synaptic connections enhancing their memory power. Therefore, you must help your child kickstart their learning voyage with right-brain activities & exercises. Take note of the following points for early childhood blooming – 

  1. Build your child’s trust by showering affection on them. 
  2. Hold your child in your arms & teach different facial expressions for right-left brain stimulation 
  3. Play games like peek-a-boo to expose them to the concept of continuity.  This helps them understand what goes away comes back. 
  4. Infant massages are the best! Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your child’s immune functions & bond with them.
  5. Move your child’s legs in a cycling motion while encouraging them with a smiling face. This promotes motor skills development. 




  1. What are the functions of the right brain? 

The following are functions of the right brain – 

  • Photographic Memory
  • Being Intuitive/Agile
  • Rich Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reading Emotions


  1. What are right-brain flashcards? 

Right-brain flashcards are a means of encouraging brain learning that helps develop a photographic memory. It advocates the visual ability to quickly respond to pictures & other means of visual information. It is a great tool to stimulate learning amongst kids that has recently gained popularity. These cards can be introduced to a child as early as 6 months of their age. 


  1. What is the best age for right brain education?

Children varying in the age group of 1.5 to 7 years can be exposed to right-brain education duly. Since the age group is the most crucial period for cognitive development. You can start with their right brain training within the age to make the best out of the program. 



right brain education

Right Brain Education is a reliant means of a child’s cognitive development for memory boost. It promotes a harmonious learning approach that guides your little one to inculcate a lifelong love for learning. As a parents duty call, you must understand the gravity of the age constraint & leverage it for your child’s growth. Training in these crucial years of development will provide them with a dynamic experience at a young age. As a result, this will lead to extracting the best out of a child’s talent bringing in happy achievements!

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